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What Moves You? Almost Home - A Stop in Redding, CA

By Guest
March 20th, 2012 - 3:35 PM

Check out the latest blog post from U-Pack customer Miki M. and her grandmother Regina as they near the end of their cross-country road trip to Oregon. Take a look at Miki and Grandma Regina’s stop in San Francisco too.

The last night of our moving vacation, we did it big...or at least our version of big. We had an amazing dinner at 5 Thais in Redding, California. Their mango sticky rice is nothing short of amazing! We then stopped at a charming motel. There wasn’t any ocean to be seen, but it was complete with palm trees, pool and jovial owners. After a quick trip to the grocery across the street for celebratory sodas, snacks and a few packs of dog food, we gathered by the pool. Central California was a tad too chilly for Grandma-ma and me to swim, but Danielle and Austin jumped right in! They were beyond amusing with their relative antics.

Grandma-ma and I soon settled in for a night of television and snacking. We went through our pictures and some yet unsent postcards. She worried a little bit about her furniture until I reminded her how flawless my U-Pack experience was a couple of years earlier. I described again how cute her new apartment was and told her how much I had missed having her around.

We made weekly plans to shop and visit. We talked décor and she pondered over all the usual items that needed to be replaced when moving: favorite spices, basic groceries and bath mats. As I grew more excited, Grandma-ma seemed to become a tad more nervous. It’s understandable. This was a big move: 3,000 miles away from the pharmacy and grocery she had frequented for over 15 years. But this is one of the reasons I chose ABF U-Pack Moving: I wanted us to have the freedom to enjoy our journey. I didn’t want to add to either of our stress levels by trying to drive a giant truck across the nation when I can’t even successfully parallel park my sports sedan! And, most importantly, I wanted to know without doubt that all the “things” my grandmother had worked so hard to earn over her lifetime were in good hands. And it worked out great!