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What is an ABF ReloCube?

September 18th, 2012 - 3:35 PM

An ABF ReloCube is simply a moving container. But it’s not just any moving container—here’s what makes it such a great option:

Note: U-Pack is the “you pack, we drive” moving service that uses ABF as its transportation provider. “U-Pack ReloCube” and “ABF ReloCube” are often used interchangeably.

It’s Roomy. The ReloCube’s exterior dimensions are, 6’3”D x 7’W x 8’4”H. Its interior dimensions are, 70”D x 82”W x 93”H.  It is large enough to hold one room of furnishings (like a studio-sized apartment) and can hold up to 2,500 lbs.

It’s Flexible. Whether you’re moving a little or a lot, ReloCubes work. You see, with U-Pack, you can reserve as many Cubes as you think you’ll need, then pay only for the Cubes you actually use. So, if you reserve three, but fit everything into two, you only pay for two. Flexible moving is what U-Pack customers love!

It’s Affordable. You’ll find that the ABF ReloCube almost always costs less than other moving container options. Get a free moving quote to see your ReloCube price compared.

It’s Convenient. We deliver the Cube direct to your home. You load it up, and then we drive it direct to your new home. Once it arrives, you unload it and call us to take it away!

It’s Perfect for Storage. You can store your belongings in the ReloCube at a safe, secure Service Center. There’s no unloading at a storage facility, just to reload it again. Keep your stuff the Cube and when you’re ready for delivery, just call!

It’s Built to Last. The ReloCube is a custom-built, metal, weather-proof container. It’s built to keep your belongings safe from the elements while in transit or in storage.

It’s Easy to Park. ReloCubes are designed to fit into a standard-sized parking space. This is great when moving to an area with limited parking.

It’s Secure. You put your own locks on the Cube and keep the key. It stays locked until you unload it. 

It’s Ground-Level: ReloCubes sit flat on the ground for easy loading and unloading.

Go U-Pack!
ReloCubes are a great moving option. Get a free moving quote from U-Pack to see your ReloCube price. Just click or call 800-413-4799. Remember, you can reserve as many Cubes as you need, but only pay for the ones you use. Leave a comment below and I’ll answer any questions you have about the ReloCube. We drive. You save. ®