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Tips for Elevator Moving, Moving Up Stairs, and Moving Down Stairs

August 16th, 2013 - 3:25 PM

Elevator or Stairs?

When you have the choice, which one do you prefer taking? I like to take the stairs, but when it comes to moving, I’d much rather take the elevator. If you have an elevator in the apartment building you’re moving from or moving to, we have some helpful tips to make the elevator moving process easier. And if you don’t have an elevator in your apartment building, we have some tips for moving up stairs and moving down stairs, too. Let’s begin.

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Freight Elevator by Noah Jeppson, CC BY-SA 4.0

Moving in an elevator can take forever, but not if you’re prepared!

  • If your building has multiple elevators, contact your building manager at least two weeks in advance of your move to reserve it for a specific time frame on move day.
  • If your building doesn’t have multiple elevators, ask your building manager if you can use the service elevator.
  • Ask your building manager about any time restrictions or special deliveries that could interrupt or delay your move.
  • Also ask your building manager if there is anything they do not allow in the elevator.
  • Plan your move on a weekday when there are less people using the elevators, in the hallways, and less cars in the parking lot.
  • Get your elevator reservation in writing.
  • Ask for access into the building for anyone helping you move.
  • Get at least three people to help you move. Put one person on the loading floor, one person on the elevator, and one person on the unloading floor to make sure your things are in sight at all times.
  • Measure the elevator door and its interior to make sure all your big items will fit inside.
  • Use the elevator key to keep the doors open rather than having someone hold the doors open while you load and unload.
  • Load the elevator with as much as you can. By filling the space to the max each time, you make fewer trips to and from the moving trailer.
  • Keep in mind the maximum weight the elevator can hold when loading your belongings in it.
  • Use a hand truck or moving dolly to load and unload from the elevator. You’ll make fewer trips by stacking boxes on top of one another instead of carrying them one by one.
  • Protect the elevator walls from damages by wrapping your furniture with stretch wrap or moving blankets.

Remember, the most important thing you can do if you’re moving to or from an apartment is to have everything planned out. This means coordinating when your belongings arrive and when your movers arrive around your elevator reservation time so everything runs smoothly.

Tips for moving up stairs and moving down stairs

Moving up and down stairs can be tiring, but these tips can help you get the job done fast!

  • Wear gloves, and shoes with a good tread since you’ll be doing a lot of lifting. You might even want to wear a brace to support your lower back.
  • Two is better than one when moving without an elevator. Get your friends to help you or hire movers.
  • Move the heavier items first to make the most of your energy.
  • Clear a path so that you don’t trip on anything!
  • Measure your furniture to ensure it can fit the width of the stairway.
  • Disassemble or fold any furniture to make it easier to carry up or down the stairs. Table and sofa legs can be easily detached.
  • Remove any attached furniture parts, like drawers or shelves.
  • Coordinate how you will move the furniture. For instance, when one person says “step” you each take a step up or down the stairs. When you reach the bend of the stairway, you may have to reposition the furniture to fit. Use this time take a moment to rest before completing another flight of stairs.
  • The person lifting the lower end of the furniture will be carrying the most weight, so make sure that person can handle lifting heavy objects.
  • Use moving straps made of super-strength webbing to make moving heavy items easier. You can also use a hand truck to move heavy items up or down stairs. Just be sure to secure the object on the hand truck with rope and have someone there to make sure nothing comes loose as you move it.
  • Be creative if you get stuck and aren’t sure how to get the item up or down the stairs. Sometimes, you’ll have to lift the item higher or tilt in a different way to get it to fit.
  • Stretch wrap and moving blankets will help protect your furniture from damaging walls, stairs, railings, and doorways.

What are your tips for elevator moving, moving up stairs, or moving down stairs?

We’d love to hear from you and your tip to add our list - just leave a comment below! And if you haven’t gotten a moving quote yet, you can get one here from U-Pack®. We’re a “you pack, we drive” moving company where you do the loading/unloading, but not the driving – all for a price often comparable to renting a truck.

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