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The Best Travel Guide Books

June 20th, 2013 - 2:21 PM

Moving and Travel? Sounds good to me!

You may have noticed that I’ve talked about travel quite a bit lately. I totally love my job, and I love writing about moving – but travel is definitely a passion. Mix it with a little summer-time sunshine, and I’ve got to admit… it’s difficult not to talk about it. The good news (for me) is that travel can absolutely go hand-in-hand with moving. If you’re packing up to move across the country this summer, what a great opportunity to visit some amazing places along the way.  

If that’s your plan, getting a good travel guide book is a really good place to start. Think about what you’re interested in doing, seeing and experiencing on your trip and pick up something that fits your interests. Of course, there are a ton of travel books to check out, but I’ve got some favorites.

My travel book recommendations:

  • Lonely Planet offers more than 500 travel guides. You’ll find everything from multi-country guides to pocket guides. Just select the guide type you like, then search for your destination to see what’s available.
  • If you’re traveling to Europe, you might consider a Rick Steves Guide Book. Rick covers restaurants, hotels, sights, practical tips, transportation, and much more in his books. Traveling to Europe for the first time? Then Rick’s Europe Through the Back Door book can help you. If you’re just choosing a certain destination in Europe, then Rick has guidebooks for single countries, like Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.
  • Michelin Travel can be a great resource if you’re taking a longer trip. Their Green Guides have a star-rating system and include cultural insights and restaurant/hotel information. Michelin also has Must-See Guides for short trips and Red Guides for hotel and restaurant information only.
  • Bradt Travel Guides can help you learn the ins and outs of traveling to almost anywhere on the planet. Bradt features country and regional guides, city guides, eccentric guides, highlights guides, slow guides, and their newest venture – wildlife guides!
  • With more than 100 destinations to choose from, Cadogan Travel Guides can get you on your way. If you’re looking to get some good tips before you take off on your adventure, these guides can help you do just that. To find these guidebooks, do an Amazon.com search for “Cadogan Guides.”
  • Rough Guides offers first time travelers’ guides, pocket guides, phrasebooks, mini books, maps, and lots more. Thinking about traveling to Asia? You can read all about Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Nepal, and more! The great thing about this awesome travel guide book is that you can buy a hard copy or download it to your tablet!
  • Want to dive into the history, art, architecture, and culture of a new place? Then Blue Guides might be right up your alley. This travel guide has been publishing travel advice since 1918. It includes destinations like USA, India, and Europe, and offers travel advice from authors and editors who have visited and enjoyed the places you’ll be reading about!
  • Insight Guides provide practical tips and advice in their extensive range of travel guides. When you go to their site, just enter your planned destination and you can instantly read an introductory profile of that location and see what travel guides are available. It’s like getting a small taste of what’s to come before you make the purchase!
  • If you’re a young traveler, you may like Let’s Go – it’s loved among student travelers. Written and updated by Harvard students, you’ll find that these guides have the budget-conscious traveler in mind.
  • Frommer’s Guides are great for those who want to check out a lot of information in one place. They’re jammed packed with information on hotels, restaurants, and sightseeing tips. If you’re looking more information that you can imagine, this is the guidebook for you.
  • Eyewitness Guidebooks are illustrated – perfect for the visual learner. You’ll get helpful information and color photos of landmarks, museums, buildings, restaurants, and hotels for your destination.

There you have it. My favorite travel guide books. If you know of one I haven’t discovered yet, I’d love to know about it! And, if you’re familiar with destinations people should visit while they’re making their way across the country, please share!

Happy travels (and moving)!