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Storage Containers for Moving

March 26th, 2015 - 3:34 PM

The Best Way to Store and Move

Because they’re easy to load and are delivered right to your door, moving and storage containers are one of the most popular methods of moving across the country. While several companies offer them, U-Pack consistently stands out. Customer reviews often mention U-Pack as both the best in customer service and the cheapest moving container storage option.

storage container for moving

Storage Container used for moving – reserve one, or as many as you need, and only pay for the ones you use.

U-Pack Moving and Storage Containers

U-Pack containers (called ReloCubes®), are designed to make moving and storage convenient and affordable. They’re delivered to your home, you load, and they’re stored until you’re ready to move into your new home. If you’re considering a ReloCube for moving and storage, check out the answers to some of these FAQs:

How big are U-Pack moving and storage containers?

Cubes are 6’ x 7’ x 8’ (LWH) externally and 70” x 82” x 93” (LWH) internally. They sit flat on the ground for easy loading and come equipped with logistics tracking inside so you can tie down your items as you load. Each Cube fits into a standard-size parking space, so they’re great for areas with limited parking, such as apartment complexes or storage facilities. Read more about ReloCube size. U-Pack also offers a trailer storage option – which is ideal for larger moving storage needs. The trailer is 28’ x 8’ x 9’ externally and 324” x 96” x 108” internally. It comes with a 14 ft. ramp for easy loading and unloading. Read more about trailer size and parking.

How secure are the containers?

ReloCubes are designed with security in mind. They’re custom-built, steel or aluminum, and weatherproof. You place your own lock on the container and the lock stays on until you remove it at your destination.

With the trailer option, you install a secure divider wall after you finish loading, and it stays up until you remove it at your destination. Your belongings are not co-mingled with other household goods, and they’re not unloaded or transferred.

How does moving storage work?

With U-Pack, you do the loading and unloading, and we take care of the rest.  

Delivery. The containers are delivered right to your door. You can reserve as many as you think you need, but only pay for the ones you use. That means if you’re unsure whether you’ll need two or three Cubes, you can go ahead and reserve three. If you end up only using two, you only pay for two. We take the empty container back at no charge. Take a look at our space estimator to figure out how many storage moving containers you’ll use.  Read more about ReloCube delivery and parking.

Loading. In most locations, you have up to three business days to load the container – so take your time!  The doors swing all the way open, making it easy to load large items. Each Cube can hold approximately one room of furniture and boxes, including a king size mattresses and sofas up to 92” long. Just use the tie-down points throughout to secure your items as you load.

Moving and Storage. Once you’re finished loading, just call for pick up and we’ll store the containers at a secure service center until you’re ready for delivery.

Delivery. When you’re ready for delivery, just give us a call to schedule delivery. We’ll bring them right to your new home, and you have up to three business days to unload.  

Pickup. Call when you’re finished unloading, and we’ll pick up the empty containers.

How much do Cubes cost?

Get a moving quote online or by calling 800-413-4799. Your moving price includes transportation costs, fuel, and the driver. Storage rates are per container per 30 days. Our online quote system automatically selects the best equipment for your move, based on move size, your locations and availability. If you would like to see moving storage container pricing for equipment not listed on your original quote, we’re happy to help. Call a U-Pack Moving Consultant at 800-413-4799, or email your quote number and the requested equipment type to changequote@upack.com.

Reserve your moving storage container today!

If you’re ready to lock in your moving and storage rate and guarantee your equipment, give us a call or reserve online – there’s no down payment or deposit required. And, if you have any questions about moving and storing with a U-Pack container, please leave a comment below.

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