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Portable Storage Units for Moving

June 11th, 2013 - 1:24 PM

Use a Portable Storage Unit and Move with Ease

Looking for portable storage units for moving? The problem you may find is that there are so many portable container options available, you have a difficult time choosing the best one for your move. Well give me a few minutes, and I’ll help you figure out what you need from your portable storage unit to make your move easy. Let’s take a look at some questions about your specific move.

What size portable storage unit do I need for my move?

The size storage unit you need depends on how much you’re moving. But the problem usually comes from either overestimating or underestimating your size needs. Different companies (like PODS®, Pack-Rat®, Door to Door®, and U-Pack®) all have different sized containers. Your best bet would be to choose a company where you can reserve multiple portable storage units without penalty. For example, if you aren’t sure if you’ll need one or two units, some companies will allow you to reserve as many as you think you’ll need, but pay only for the ones you actually use. Other companies, on the other hand, charge you for the containers, even if you never use them. U-Pack’s ReloCubes offer the flexibility to pay as you pack. Unlike some companies, with U-Pack, you pay for the Cubes you use. That flexibility may help you stick to your moving budget more easily without paying for wasted space in a too-big container.

What types of portable storage units are available?

Portable storage unit construction is as varied as the companies that provide them. The two main types of portable units are metal and wood. Typically wooden containers (like Door to Door® and U-Haul’s U-Box®) are also covered with a vinyl covering. The other options are metal containers (like U-Pack’s ReloCubes, Pack-Rat®, and PODS®). Depending on your circumstances (weather, storage needs, etc.) you may want to choose a moving service based on the storage unit construction.

How long will my move take?

You can break portable storage unit companies down into two groups: the month-long move and the short move. The month-long movers (like PODS®, U-Box®, and Pack-Rat®) typically give you an entire month for your move: about a week to load your stuff, 7-10 business days for transit, and about a week for unloading. That time frame can really drag out the moving process. On the other hand, the short move (like U-Pack®) gives you a few days to load, an average of 2-5 business days for transit, and a few days to unload. This can be nice because you aren’t waiting around for your stuff to be delivered. Take a look at your moving date. If you’re on a tight schedule, consider the transit time of the different moving services.

How much will it cost to move with a portable storage unit?

If you want to know how much your move will cost, you’ll have to gather quotes. And guess what? Prices will, of course, vary greatly from one company to the next. You will have to call PODS®, Door to Door®, and Pack-Rat® to get a full quote, but you can get a quote online from U-Haul or U-Pack. In fact, just click over to get a free moving quote from U-Pack. With all the moving services, your move rate is typically based on 1) where you are moving to/from, 2) how many portable moving containers you’ll need, and 3) when you’re moving. You may be shocked to see how different the prices can be. When we hear from customers, they tell us that U-Pack typically offers some of the more affordable container moves, but compare quotes and find out for yourself!

To find out more about portable storage units, leave a comment below. U-Pack is the service I can provide the most info about, but I am happy to help in any way. If you have questions, leave a comment or call 1-800-413-4799 to talk with a moving specialist.

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