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Parking Permits

By Jeremy
July 15th, 2011 - 9:42 AM

It's Flashback Friday— each week, U-Pack will revisit a blog topic that's been helpful and fun for our readers. Be sure to check the comments section of each post for even more valuable moving advice!

Parking permits are one of the most overlooked details when planning a move, but they're also one of the most important. Be sure to check with the city's street department and/or your HOA (Homeowners Association) to make sure your U-Pack moving equipment can be legally parked in your neighborhood.

Some cities require parking permits or city authorization for our equipment to remain at your location for several hours or several days.  Those cities normally have parking problems on a day to day basis.  I have located several cities in the western half of the country that require some special considerations concerning parking a commercial vehicle and what those considerations involve.  If your city is not on this list, your best bet is to contact the local Police Department to make sure of parking restrictions in your area.

Costa Mesa, CA
In Costa Mesa, CA you must have driveway or private parking.  We can not leave the trailer parked on the street.

Hawthorne, CA
Permits may be required for street parking in Hawthorne, CA.

San Ramon, CA
In San Ramon, CA you must have driveway or private parking.  We can not leave the trailer parked on the street.

San Francisco, CA
Parking permits are needed when parking on the streets of San Francisco, CA.  If you are moving in a ReloCube, our terminal in Oakland will provide the permit for you but you will need to make sure there is a parking space available for each ReloCube.  If you are moving in a trailer, you will need to contact the San Francisco Police Department at 415-553-0123 well in advance of the move.  They will direct you to the appropriate station for the permit.

The permits are actually in the form of "No Parking" signs which are needed for each parking space that will be used for your move.  Our trailers will need approximately 3-4 spaces.  Each sign must be posted on fixed objects (trees, pole, etc.) 72 hours in advance of the move.

Walnut Creek, CA
Street parking for ReloCubes in Walnut Creek, CA is not allowed.  Street parking for trailers is acceptable in Walnut Creek, CA.


Palo Alto, CA

Permits are required.

Fremont, CA
Permits are required.

Cupertino, CA
Permits are required.

Santa Clarita, CA
Parking permits are required in Santa Clarita and its surrounding communities.  If a permit is not available, there will be a 2 hour time restriction to load or unload.

Denver, CO
Permits are required for street parking in Denver, CO for our trailers or ReloCubes.  These permits are available through the ABF terminal in Denver, CO.

Killeen, TX
Street parking is not allowed in Killeen, TX

Seattle, WA
Within the city of Seattle, you must have driveway or private parking.  If you don't have driveway or private parking, you will need to obtain a parking permit for the ReloCube.  Unfortunately, permits are not available for the trailer.  If a parking permit is not available for your address, we will be able to bring our equipment to your address for 1 hour load/unload time.