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Our Third Move With U-Pack

By Guest
August 14th, 2012 - 5:02 PM

Hey all, This is Justin and Cassity, we write a blog called Remodelaholic and we are excited to tell you about our move with ABF U-Pack. This is our third move with U-pack and we have been happy every time!

We were most recently living in Texas away from any family, when an opportunity to move back home came along we decided to take the chance and move. Because we have a young family, the thought of driving a big huge commercial vehicle half way across the country certainly didn’t sound appealing. Luckily, we have had great luck moving in with ABF in the past so we thought we would work with them again.

We moved on rather short notice, so I was a little behind on packing boxes. But we were on a deadline so we got started early. That way both my husband and I could be working inside and out at the same time.

Of course, we decided to pick the hottest week of the year to pack up (I guess we’re lucky that way!)! We had the trailer dropped off on Tuesday and invited our friends over to help us move the big stuff! Thanks heaven for willing friends! We got all the large furniture loaded the first night, being sure to secure things with moving ties and protect them with moving blankets we purchased from ABF on our last move. By getting all the big stuff in first, we were able to make sure it was all securely placed and the heavy stuff was on the bottom. Then we started filling up the cracks, lighter and fragile items toward the top. That first day we loaded what boxes I had already packed and then went back to find the mess in our house…


loaded U-Pack trailer

I am sure those of you who have moved recently know what I am talking about, all the left over junk that takes days to pack. Well, it did indeed take a few days to pack, and I am not going to say it was easy, with two young children needing attention and care, it was stressful, but we got it done.

Luckily everything was loaded in by Friday, so we called ABF and they picked up the trailer that night, it was awesome to see it driving off. We had about 1 foot to spare, which was a bit of a feat for how much stuff we had. Let’s just say there was some self back patting going on and high fives all around!


U-Pack ABF trailer


closing U-Pack trailer


While we traveled in our car, our stuff was being transported for us! It is like magic! We got to our new home on Sunday night and by Monday we had the call that our stuff was ready! Fastest turn around ever! We decided to have them drop it off Wednesday morning, it was nice to have a little bit of a cushion in time for delivery, because we were pretty tired! (Our last move we actually used the storage option ABF offers, that made life so much easier, and helped us to avoid a second move... So if you need a little extra time look into the storage option! ).

Our lucky streak kept up, as a record hot week was there to bless us while unpacking! So, we drank a lot of water and unpacked… which thankfully is a lot easier than packing up! We got it done in just 2 days and sent the truck off Friday morning!


Finished loading the ABF moving trailer