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New in Town?

By Guest
April 21st, 2011 - 3:36 PM

Guest blogger Zac Melton knows what it feels like to be the new kid in town. Here are a few tips from Zac to help you find a few friendly faces in your new neighborhood.

Whether you're moving because you just got promoted or if you just wanted a change of pace, making friends and acquaintances can be one of the most difficult things when you're new in town.
You might find yourself thinking, "Where should I go, and what do I say?" or even "what will they think of me?".  There is no doubt these questions can be unnerving, but in the right setting the conversation will come naturally.  Below are a few ideas for getting to know people in your new community.
Fitness Center:  This is the first place you should go once you get in town!  A fitness center is better than your typical free weight gym because of the options available to you.  A good center will have a pool, treadmills and a variety of cardio machines.  What's great is that most people socialize while working out— you'll get in shape and meet some folks!

Volunteer Work:  One of the best things you can do for your new local community is to help out.  Most radio stations and coffee shops put out a list of all events that are taking place in your area— pick one that sounds interesting and join the fun.

Outfitters and Sports Clubs:  This can include a variety of places, from a cycling shop to an outfitter like REI— or even a dive shop.  If it's a hiking-based store, take advantage of their hiking groups (most hike twice a month).  If it is a dive shop, post your qualifications in a want ad for a local dive buddy.  The same is true for a cycling group, and they usually go out in groups of 10-20. Outdoor activities are a great way to make new friends!

Classes:  I know what you're thinking— classes?  Yes, classes!!  Both universities and community colleges host a large array of classes for continuing education. The courses can range from cooking, dancing, or photography if you're more on the artistic side, and from computer science to stock market investing if you prefer the technical side.  A foreign language class is great for meeting others because class activities often include conversation exercises with a partner.
This list is just a starting point: there are lots of places where you're practically guaranteed to meet new people, but these four spots make for good conversation starters.  The best part of trying them out? You'll no longer be 'new in town' when you meet a diverse group of people that may leave you with a rich variety of friendships!

Have any ideas to kick the new-in-town vibe? Let us know!

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