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Nationwide Container Rentals

February 4th, 2015 - 2:04 PM

Sturdy, metal containers, available for rental

If you’re planning a long-distance move and searching for a safe, convenient and affordable way to get your belongings to your new home, U-Pack can help.  We have containers available for rental that sit low to the ground and are specifically designed to move and store household goods. You can ship your belongings door-to-door or save money by loading and unloading at a service center near you – just choose the option that best fits your needs and budget.

What a U-Pack container looks like – inside and out

U-Pack rental containers are called ReloCubes. They’re 6 ft. x 7 ft. x 8 ft. (lwh) externally and 70 in. x 82 in. x 93 in. (lwh) internally. With a maximum weight limit of 2,500 lbs., they typically hold one room of furniture and boxes – and they’re large enough to hold larger items like a king size mattress and box springs, sofa, and a motorcycle (read more about what fits in a ReloCube and ReloCube size).

U-Pack rental containers are ideal for moving and storage.
Inside of U-Pack container

The Cube’s doors swing open completely and attach to the sides of the container to make carrying furniture and boxes in and out very easy. It’s also designed with floor-to-ceiling logistics tracks to make tying your items down a breeze. Once everything is loaded and tied down, close the doors, put your locks on and keep the key.

How U-Pack Container Rental Works

Door-to-door container rental has completely changed the way people move. You get the savings that comes with doing some of the work on your own, without the inconvenience of driving a rental truck across the country.

We’ll drop the container off at your home, you load it up, then we’ll deliver it to the door at your new home. U-Pack transit times average 2-5 business days, so you can take a leisurely trip across the country in the comfort of your own vehicle.   

How much do U-Pack rental containers cost and how do I pay?

While prices vary based on the details of your move, getting a quote is quick and easy. You can get prices online, or by calling 800-413-4799.  

If you need help figuring out how many Cubes to rent, a U-Pack moving consultant can help, or you can use our Room-by-Room Space Estimator Tool. But, regardless of how many Cubes you reserve, you only pay for the ones you actually use.

You’ll need a credit card to reserve your move, but you don’t have to pay a deposit or down payment. In fact, you don’t have to pay ANYTHING until after you finish loading and know how many Cubes you need.

(Just a little tip… you can save $25 just by reserving online.)

If you’re requesting a ReloCube price online, in some cases your quote may show U-Pack trailer prices instead. This is because the online system automatically selects the best option based on your move size, price and availability. If you get a trailer quote but want ReloCube pricing instead, please call a Moving Consultant or email your quote number to changequote@upack.com and let us know you prefer a ReloCube quote. We’ll be happy to check availability and email a new quote.

Where are U-Pack containers rentals available?

U-Pack has one of the widest services areas in the industry. With service to all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico, chances are rental containers are available in your area. To check availability for your move, give us a call, or get an online moving quote.

Other U-Pack container rental options

  • Storage
    If you need to move out of one place, but aren’t quite ready to move into another, you can load your belongings, put your lock on it, and we’ll store it at a secure service center until you’re ready for delivery. Storage rates vary by location – get an online quote or call for prices.

  • On-site storage
    If you need a place to store extra stuff while your house is on the market, and you’re planning a long-distance move, we can deliver a container to your home and let you keep it there until you’re ready for us to move it. Call a U-Pack Moving Consultant for on-site storage prices.
  • Guaranteed transit
    While U-Pack transit times are fast, some need it even faster. U-Pack offers a service called U-Pack Guaranteed that allows you to speed up your transit time and/or guarantee the exact day of arrival. Call a U-Pack Moving consultant for U-Pack Guaranteed prices.

If you have questions about U-Pack services, including container rentals, a moving consultant will be happy to help – get an instant moving quote online or call us at 800-413-4799.