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My Experience Moving from Arkansas to Arizona With ABF U-Pack

By Josh K
November 21st, 2011 - 2:44 PM

This is the final post of a five-part series written by guest blogger Josh Knoll about his experience moving with U-Pack from Arkansas to Arizona.  Make sure to check out his other posts: Moving to Phoenix Part One, Moving to Phoenix Part Two, Moving to Phoenix Part Three, Moving to Phoenix Part Four.

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A summary of my experience moving with U-Pack – Part Five
Maybe I'm just like you— a college student trying to make ends meet, looking to start a career, and hoping to succeed in a new urban environment.  If you can relate to any of this, keep reading!  

Throughout the experience, I knew that I would want to relay various parts of my experience on Facebook, on the phone to family and friends, as well as in personal journals and blogs.  I set into memory some of my experiences during the journey, and I took dozens of pictures!  I jotted down numerous mental notes, and I would like to share a few things now (to pay it forward for other movers trying to decide if U-Pack is best for them).  Here are the key points I noted throughout the transition:

1.  I have never driven a vehicle that was hauling a moving trailer behind it.  Why start now?  The U-Pack drivers both at the origin and destination were amazingly polite, professional, and accommodating.  I actually believe my belongings got more "TLC" with them than they would have gotten with me.

2.  Loading the U-Pack ReloCube was simple.  Someone in this business has done their research.  It was the perfect size for moving from one collegiate environment to another.  I never felt like I would run out of room inside the container, but I also didn't feel like I was packing a studio apartment into a gymnasium.  The dimensions of the ReloCube offer a great middle ground between too big and too small.

3.  I packed things tightly (which is preferred to keep fragile items stable) and when they dropped off the container, it was exactly as I packed it.  It was as if they teleported it to Phoenix!  They clearly took care not to jostle the container around too much.

4.  I was allotted three days to pack and four days to unpack my ReloCube (because I was able to include the weekend for unloading).  The procrastinator in me took advantage of this tenfold.  In the extreme Phoenix heat, I probably averaged one box an hour.  I believe other moving services are on a tighter schedule.  I liked the flexibility of being able to unpack one box at a time.

5.  At both apartments, I was only assigned one parking space, and guest parking is very limited.  It was great that the relo-cube fit perfectly into even a compact parking spot!  It is taller than it is deep/wide, which not only makes sense, but allows tons more room than you would expect.

6.  Because I was able to fly into Phoenix early, I got to spend a couple days with my new roommate, met several of his friends, and enjoyed a little "mini-vacation" in the city I would be inhabiting for the next several years.  It was nice to get in this "R & R" before tackling the task of moving in.

7.  It was also nice that I didn't have to feel that I was invading every available empty spot of the apartment with boxes of my junk immediately upon meeting my new roommate!  Instead of stepping on toes right away, U-Pack made the transition much easier.  I took a couple days learning how he lived, where he kept everything, etc.  By the time the U-Pack shipment arrived, my new roommate and I had established a very good rapport and an understanding of how the apartment cohabitation would work.  He even offered to help me move some of the heavier items when the driver dropped off the cube.

All in all, this was the best moving experience I have ever had, and I believe planning my move around the U-Pack concept is what made it so enjoyable.  From now on, I will highly recommend this to anyone.  We are programmed to think we must do the driving if we are not hiring movers.  I think, "The times they are a-changin!'"  Now you know.  You do have an alternative!