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Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas and, with nearly 200,000 residents, it’s also the state’s largest city. The geographic center of Arkansas is also an economic and cultural destination that has seen a steady rise in tourism over the past decade.

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Exploring Arkansas’ Capital City

The city has a rich history that’s well worth exploring. Make time to revisit some of these iconic sites — or check them out for the first time — before you leave Little Rock.

Clinton Presidential Library

The William J. Clinton Presidential Center houses one of the largest archival collections in American presidential history. It includes more than 77 million pages of paper documents, nearly 2 million photographs and over 84,600 museum artifacts. Inside the library museum is a full-scale replica of the Oval Office as it was during the Clinton administration.

Arkansas State Capitol and Grounds Monuments

Tour the Capitol building, constructed from 1899-1915 in the neoclassical style, and take in the many restored interior spaces. While you’re there, stroll the property and get a history lesson. “Testaments,” a sculpture of the Little Rock Nine, is the first civil rights memorial located on state capitol grounds in the South.

Little Rock Central High School

Little Rock Central High School, one of the most significant landmarks of the Civil Rights Movement, is the only fully functioning high school to be established as a National Historic Site. There’s no charge to walk the grounds, take a guided tour, or enter the visitor center.

Big Dam Bridge

Walk or pedal across the longest pedestrian/bicycle bridge in North America (4,226 feet long). It’s never been used by vehicles!

The Old Mill

This re-creation of an 1880’s water-powered grist mill was filmed in the opening scene of the classic film Gone With The Wind. It’s believed to be the only structure still standing from production.

The Old State House Museum

The original state capitol of Arkansas is the oldest standing state capitol building west of the Mississippi River. Construction began in 1833 and was completed in 1842.

Little Rock’s Famous Sons

Some prominent Little Rock natives include:

  • U.S. Army Gen. Douglas MacArthur
  • Architect and designer E. Fay Jones (apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright)
  • Harlem Globetrotter Hubert “Geese” Ausbie
  • Baseball Hall of Famer Frank Robinson
  • Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

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