Moving Companies in El Dorado, AR

Leaving Legendary El Dorado

Moving from El Dorado? Let U-Pack help! With more than 240 service centers in the U-Pack coverage area, we’re able to move you from El Dorado to just about anywhere in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico. And even better — we’ll handle the driving! Learn more about how U-Pack works, then call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 or get a free online quote.

Do You Know These Facts?

As a resident, you probably know that El Dorado (population of just under 18,000) is the seat of Union County, located near the Ouachita River in the Timberlands region of South Arkansas. But what else should you know? Here are some interesting nuggets to share with people in your new city:

  • El Dorado was at the heart of the area’s oil boom in the 1920s
  • It hosts more than a dozen acclaimed annual festivals and events, including the South Food & Wine Festival, the Mayhaw Festival and MusicFest
  • The city was voted as having “America’s Best Downtown” in 2009
  • Murphy Arts District (MAD) includes an outdoor amphitheater that holds more than 7,000 spectators and a 2,500-seat music hall
  • The Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission, Murphy Oil and Murphy Oil USA, and South Arkansas Community College all call El Dorado home
  • The El Dorado Promise program provides El Dorado High School graduates with a college tuition scholarship

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