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Moving Out of an Apartment

August 2nd, 2012 - 3:09 PM

The first “homes” I had after moving out of my parents’ house were apartments. Nothing like sharing walls with strangers! I lived in a very tiny one bedroom in a busy apartment complex as well as a little bit bigger townhouse in a small duplex. Moving out of an apartment creates some unique situations. Let U-Pack® give you some valuable information on moving out of an apartment.

Cleaning. Most likely, getting all or part of your deposit back will depend on how you leave the apartment. Talk to your landlord and look back over your renter’s agreement to see what expectations are set. You should always leave the place clean and free from trash and such, but different places set different expectations.  One apartment required that I clean the carpets and turn in a receipt. Another place wanted me to spackle and paint over any nail holes in the walls. Another apartment just wanted be to take out all the trash. Be sure to ask what is expected of you! You will want to do the extra work to get back your deposit! 

Packing. Packing up your stuff is difficult in apartments, especially smaller ones. In my tiny one-bedroom, there just wasn’t room to stack boxes and spread out items as I packed. I had to pack much closer to move day so I wasn’t overrun with boxes everywhere. Here is my advice for packing up an apartment. Clear a holding area for boxes. For me, that meant pushing some furniture around and creating a clear area. Gather your moving boxes, packing supplies, and tape. If your apartment is small, you can bring items to the packing area. If you have a bigger apartment, then you can go room to room and pack and then put boxes in the holding area. With any move, packing early helps alleviate some stress, so start packing up as early as you can.

Parking. Because you are a tenant in an apartment, you most likely don’t have free rein on the parking situation. Speak with your landlord about parking specifics so you can make room for extra vehicles for anyone who is helping you move. Also, there may not be a place to leave a rental truck for several days, as it’s big and could take up several spots. However, a ReloCube® moving container is the perfect solution! Even if you only have your one parking space, a ReloCube fits perfectly in one standard parking spot! You can pack up your stuff, load it into the ReloCube, and then U-Pack picks up the ReloCube and moves it to your new place!  It is a GREAT option for when you need an affordable moved paired with limited parking.

Get a quote! U-Pack helps many customers move out of apartments each year. Like I said, ReloCubes are great options for apartment moves. Each ReloCube can hold the contents of a one bedroom apartment easily. And if you have a bigger place, you can use multiple ReloCubes! They are secure, weatherproof containers that can be either stored for any length of time or delivered at your new home, usually within 2-5 business days! Get a free moving quote to see how you can move out of your apartment with U-Pack and ReloCubes! Click or call to get your moving quote today!