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October 5th, 2015 - 3:54 PM

Free Printable Moving Labels

When you start packing up your house for the move, it’s a smart idea to think ahead to the unpacking process. Try these strategies for labeling moving boxes  to stay organized as you pack—it’ll make settling in after the move much easier. Bonus: we’ve also included some free color-coded printable moving labels for you to use at the bottom of this post!

moving box labels

Strategies for labeling boxes

There’s more to labeling boxes than just grabbing a black marker. Keep these things in mind as you pack:

  • Label with the room. Mark boxes room by room and only pack things that belong in that specific room in the box. It’ll make unpacking much easier, since you won’t have to carry each box around the house to unpack it. Instead, the contents will stay in one room.
  • Put numbers on boxes. It’s normal to feel scattered after a move when there are tons of boxes piled up. You can easily think you’ve misplaced something – “Where are the coffee cups? I know I packed them!” To stop this confusion, as you pack by room, number the boxes. This way, you know that 15 boxes belong in the kitchen, so when all 15 are accounted for, you know you have everything for that room.
  • Use color coding. The easiest way to keep boxes straight is by color-coding them. This makes them easy to spot without having to get close enough to read the label. This strategy is especially great if you have kids who can't read yet – they can still help you unpack by stacking boxes by color. If everything color-coded blue goes in the master bathroom, it makes it easy for you and your family to quickly sort boxes as you unload.
  • Mark fragile items. Make sure you label anything that’s fragile so it gets handled with care.
  • Note which side goes up. Another tip is to mark arrows for “this side up.” Doing this should prevent anyone from turning boxes upside down, which could damage the items inside.
  • Write on multiple sides. We recommend labeling at least two sides and the top of the box so that no matter which way it’s loaded in the moving trailer, you can still read it.
  • Note the contents. If you're trying to locate a particular item when unpacking, you'll be really glad you noted the contents on the label. For example, along with putting "Linen Closet" to tell you where it goes, include the contents by writing "Sheets and wash cloths" there too. When you’re searching for the sheets, you can find them with ease. No more opening 10 boxes to find what you need!
  • Make an open first box. Make a special box clearly marked "Open First." Pack scissors, a box cutter, simple tools, cleaners, trash bags, toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels together so you’re prepared to unpack and set everything up. If there's anything else you need right away (like a bowl for your pet's water or a portable DVD player for your child), pack those in the open first box too. Make sure this is the last thing loaded so it can be the first box unloaded.

Make unloading simple

Having a great labeling system will make unloading a breeze. Use the color-coding system to easily get things into the right room. When you arrive, put colored notes on each doorway showing the color that will go in that room. If all blue labels go in the master bathroom, put a blue note on the doorway so your help can deliver boxes to the right place.

Print our moving label template

We created moving labels that include all the info. These show “This Side Up”, and give you space to mark the room, contents, and box number. They also include a spot for color-coding. Note that they’re designed to fit any Avery 3 1/3” x 4” labels. You can print our template onto peel-and-stick labels, or print them on plain paper and use tape to apply them.

For the circle marked “color,” use colored stickers or just fill in the circle with colored markers.

Check out the printable labels at the bottom of the post.

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Have any questions about moving labels?

Let us know if you have any questions. Just leave a comment below and we’ll find an answer. We're here to help through every step of your move!

Printable Moving Labels

Click the image to download our moving labels!