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Moving Container Rental

June 21st, 2012 - 3:58 PM

What is weatherproof, made of metal, and is 336 cubic feet? A ReloCube® moving container!  Whether you’re moving a small studio apartment or an entire house, the ReloCube is the perfect solution for moving and storage. Let me explain why:

It’s Versatile.  Because of its compact size, the ReloCube is perfect for moving a small amount of furniture.  However, if you have lots to move, you can use as many Cubes™ as you need.  Why is this a good idea? Well, because in a ReloCube you can pack and secure your belongings tightly and securely. When things are packed “high and tight,” they are less likely to shift and sustain damage in transit. Whether a large home or a small home – reserve the number of Cubes you think you’ll need, and pay only for what you use. That’s the versatility customers love.  

It doesn’t take up much space. If parking is an issue in your area, U-Pack moving container rental is a great option. It sits flat on the ground and fits easily into a standard-size parking space.

It’s perfect for storage. It’s what they were designed for. They’re weatherproof and secured with a lock that you provide. Just load it, lock it, and we’ll store it at a secure ABF service center until you’re ready for delivery.

It’s a competitive price. If you’re searching for low-cost moving container rental, go U-Pack! Compare your U-Pack quote to our competitors and you’ll find that it’s an extremely affordable option. The prices compare to truck rental, but we do the driving! There are no additional fees for fuel, taxes or highway tolls, and you’ll never pay a down-payment or deposit.

Call or click today for a free moving quote and see how much you save with U-Pack! 800-413-4799. Have more questions about moving container rental? Leave a comment below; we’ll be happy to help!