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Move Cost: How to Calculate It

October 19th, 2012 - 9:34 AM

How about another Flashback Friday? This week, Christina reviews how to calculate your move costs so you’ll be able to create a more accurate budget for your move. Happy Friday!

When you’re budgeting for a move, it’s important to consider all potential costs. As you may know, your base price depends on the type of service you choose—“you pack, we drive,” full-service, or truck rental—along with location, how much you’re moving, and when you’re moving. But, what some forget to take into account are the additional costs that aren’t listed on your moving quote.

Let me start by mentioning that with U-Pack there are no additional charges for the driver, fuel, sales tax, highway tolls, or liability coverage (which is why it’s such a popular way to move among customers with limited moving budgets). That being said, to calculate your total move cost, you’ll still want to consider things like whether you’ll need loading/unloading help, storage, packing supplies, etc. Here are some steps to take (and questions to ask) to calculate your total move cost:

Steps to take to calculate your TOTAL move cost

  1. First, get moving quotes from all of the services you’re taking into consideration (including an instant moving quote from U-Pack).   
  2. Once you receive the quotes, read them thoroughly and ask questions to make certain you understand what’s included in your price and what you’ll need to pay extra for.
    • Is fuel and sales tax included?
    • How long will you have for loading or unloading? Does it cost more for additional days (if needed)?
    • What if you need more or less space in the moving truck? What is the maximum and minimum price?
    • Do you need to purchase liability coverage, insurance or damage protection?
    • Do you need to purchase packing and loading supplies?
    • How much is loading and unloading help (if needed)?
    • Do you have fragile items that require special handling—how much does that cost?
    • How much is storage (if needed)?
    • Are parking permits required?  
  3. Then, ask all potential moving services what the estimated transit time is. Or, if you’re considering truck rental, calculate how long it will take to drive to your new location. Once you get an idea, create a budget for hotel stays, eating out and fuel (whether in your own vehicle or a rental truck). How long will you have for loading or unloading? Does it cost more for additional days (if needed)?

Now, to make the comparisons a little easier, print a copy of the comparison sheet below and enter the additional costs for each moving service you’re considering.


Calculate Moving Cost

If you have more questions about calculating your move cost (specifically with U-Pack), I would love to help. Leave a comment below, or call us at 800-413-4799.