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I need storage and delivery. Is that possible with U-Pack?

September 13th, 2012 - 4:21 PM

You ask, U-Pack answers!  “I need storage and delivery.  Is that possible with U-Pack?”


I once had an elementary teacher who called her students “unique snowflakes.” A little unusual? Yes. True? Yes. And you could say the exact same thing about moves. They’re all unique... just like a snowflake.

Some are simple, requiring just door-to-door delivery, and some are a little more complicated, requiring storage and delivery. What may seem complicated to some moving companies is simple with U-Pack. In fact, you’ll find that U-Pack offers flexible solutions to service almost any scenario. Even if you think your situation is so logistically unusual that you’re afraid there’s no way to work it out, ask a U-Pack representative – you might be surprised!

Here’s how U-Pack storage and work:

  • We’ll deliver a moving trailer or ReloCube(s) to your home.
  • You pack and load your belongings.
  • We take over... and here’s where your options for storage come in:
    • If you don’t know the city you’re moving to yet, we recommend storage at origin. That means we’ll store your belongings (in the trailer or container(s) you loaded them into) at the ABF origin terminal. When you’re ready for delivery, just give us a call with your destination address and we’ll send it on its way.  
    • If you know where it’s going, but just aren’t ready for delivery, we recommend storage at destination (also in the trailer or container(s) you loaded into). That means we’ll pick up your belongings and move them to the destination ABF terminal. Once you’re ready to unload, just call and we’ll deliver.
For a quick view of how much it costs to move and store with U-Pack, request a free moving quote online – just make sure to select “Provide storage rates” after entering some brief information about your move. Have questions? Leave a comment below. We would love to help!