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Give Moving Companies a Rating

September 16th, 2009 - 9:27 AM

Remember the days when you chose a service based exclusively on brand name and price? Not the case anymore, is it? Now, it's much more about the consumer, and much less about the company. It's nice that every customer has a voice and a forum to use it. That's the way it should be.

Moving Companies – Rating Sites
If you aren't using consumer review sites, you should consider it – both as a research tool and to share your experiences. Since you're visiting this blog, you're probably looking for the best moving companies – and in addition to the research you're doing here, looking at sites where you can give moving companies a rating is also a great idea. I suggest epinions.com and movingscam.com.

Isn't it cool that someone across the country can benefit when you talk about your moving experience? That's what these moving companies rating sites and forums are all about. Not only do you help other consumers, you may also help the company you're reviewing.  You'll probably find that companies who place the consumer front of mind also look for ways to improve service and do things better…that's a good sign!

And, it's the way U-Pack does it.  After every U-Pack move we email a short survey to ask how the move went. And we use the survey results to help us know how to do things better, or what to keep doing exactly the way we're doing it.

So, the next opportunity you have to read or complete a survey or give moving companies a rating, please do.