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Easy Moving Containers

October 21st, 2009 - 1:40 PM

What's so great about moving containers?

When you're talking about U-Pack moving containers – ReloCubes – there are several things:

  • Easy to park. They fit right into a standard-sized parking space so you don't have to worry about blocking traffic.
  • Easy to load. They sit flat on the ground so you can carry your stuff in without the use of a ramp.
  • Easy to secure. The tie-down points located throughout the moving containers allow you to tie everything down to keep it from shifting in transit. Then, you get to put your own lock on it and keep the key.
  • Easy to store. If you're not ready to unload. Choose portable storage and store the moving container at a secure ABF moving service center for as long as you need.
  • Easy to unload. See bullet #2.
  • Easy to pay for. No down payment or deposit. You pay for what you use – if you reserve three moving containers and end up using two…you pay for two. Seriously.

Ok, so excessive use of the word "easy", I know.  But, when you consider what a pain it is to load and drive a rental truck – using moving containers sounds pretty good doesn't it? Especially considering the price.  If you haven't checked out your moving cost using U-Pack moving containers, I highly recommend it.