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Door-to-door Moving Containers

October 18th, 2017 - 10:17 AM

The convenience of door-to-door moving

As often as we can, we seek out things that make day-to-day life easier: grocery delivery, online ordering, site-to-store pickups. It makes sense that we’d want that same convenience when it comes to moving. Door-to-door moving containers are a great solution for those searching for an affordable and easy option for shipping household goods across the country. Loading is simple, and containers are brought right to your location. Take a look at how this type of moving works, compare options and see how much it costs.

U-Pack ReloCube containers are great for door to door moving

How U-Pack delivers to your door

U-Pack is a DIY service that makes moving long distance easy. Take a look at how door-to-door delivery works.

The containers. The U-Pack ReloCube is a 6’ x 7’ x 8’ metal, weatherproof container that sits at ground level and fits into a standard parking space. You load it, secure the load using the tie down points located inside, lock it with your own lock, and keep the key.  

Delivery. With door-to-door delivery, we bring the container(s) to your home on moving day via a flatbed trailer (in most locations), and it’s placed in its designated parking space using a forklift. Note that ReloCubes require a level, paved surface (such as a driveway, apartment parking lot or the street), and permission may be required if it’s not on private property. Learn more about ReloCube size and delivery.

Loading. Take your time — you have up to three business days to load! If you need help with the big stuff, we’re happy to connect you with an experienced crew. Just ask your U-Pack moving specialist for a referral.  

Transportation. Once everything’s loaded, secured, the Cube is locked and you’ve arranged for pick up, we’ll come get the containers and deliver to your destination. On average, it takes just 2-5 business days to move them door-to-door to your new location.  

Unloading. After taking delivery at the destination, you have up to three business days to unload. Just contact us when you’re ready, and we’ll schedule a time to pick up the empty containers. If you need help unloading the heavy stuff, we can refer you to unloading help as well.  

Storage. If you need door-to-door moving and storage, options are available at origin or destination — both for short- and long-term. The containers are still brought to your door, loaded and then stored at a local service center. When you’re ready, call to schedule an appointment, and we’ll arrange delivery for unloading.

Price. U-Pack rates vary based on where you’re moving to/from, how many containers you need, and the move date. The great thing about U-Pack Cubes is that you can reserve as many as you think you’ll need, but only pay for the ones you actually use.

Get an online moving quote to see the price for your move.

Compare moving and storage containers

If you’re researching door-to-door moving and storage options, you’ll find that each company’s service offerings, rates and transit times differ. See how U-Pack compares to some of the most common door-to-door moving and storage companies:

Compare U-Pack to 1-800-Pack-Rat®

Compare U-Pack to U-Haul® U-Box® 

Compare U-Pack to PODS®

How much does door-to-door moving cost?

Because each move is unique, the easiest way to check moving container rates for your move is to get an instant quote online. Just let us know a few details about your move and compare prices.

Note: U-Pack also offers door-to-door moving services in a moving trailer — perfect for any size move. A 28-foot trailer is delivered to your home, you load into the space you need (with a 5 linear foot minimum) and pay only for the space you use. In some cases, you may receive a moving trailer quote rather than a ReloCube quote (based on location, move size and equipment availability). If you prefer a ReloCube quote, please email us at changequote@upack.com for assistance. Learn more about moving in a trailer.

Have questions about door-to-door moving and storage?

If you need help getting a quote or have questions about container moving, let us know in the comments below. We’re here to help!


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