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Best Tweets from U-Pack Customers

January 26th, 2011 - 4:10 PM

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The Best Tweets in Life are Free

If we haven't said it lately, it's definitely worth mentioning again: U-Pack customers are the best! Through participating in popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, U-Pack is able to gather valuable feedback from past, present, and future customers. To show our thanks, we're featuring some of the best tweets about U-Pack from Twitter. Check them out:

alexphennesy: Big shoult out to @ABFUPackMoving for helping us with our second cross country move in six months. Highly recommend.

abouse: Here is what you need to know - @ABFUPackMoving has AMAZING customer service. If you ever move, use them!

ramses0: I must brag on ABF "ReloCube" ... Call them and it rings directly to a human, and they are nice with a good price. Thanks Emily & Buzz!

JustJulie: @ABFUPackMoving Yes, I'm getting all unpacked, slowly but surely. Thanks so much for all your help and making my move go so smoothly.

caseybryan: Just wanted to say how great the customer service was at @ABFUPackMoving

U-Pack uses recent comments like these to help improve and enhance our service, so keep those best tweets coming! We also encourage customers to ask us questions on Twitter — whether it's about packing, portable storage, or even moving boxes, we're here to help.

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