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5 Best Household Budgeting Apps for the iPhone

November 5th, 2012 - 3:42 PM

Stay on budget
You use your iPhone for everything, right? So why not add household budgeting to the list? Check out these 5 best household budgeting apps for the iPhone!

Mint.com (free)
The Mint.com Budgeting App for the iPhone lets you track, budget, and manage your money all in one place. You can all of your accounts (bank, credit card, loan, etc.) and Mint will categorize your transactions. You can create your own budget, or let Mint create one for you based on your spending habits! The app is passcode protected, and you can deactivate iPhone access from the Mint profile page online just in case your iPhone is ever lost or stolen.

Expenditure ($2.99)
This app allows you to add a photo or quick note when you add a new transaction, so no more remembering what you bought at the store a week ago! The app also comes with a built-in converter and broad list of supported currencies, making it easy to budget when you go on vacation or overseas.

HomeBudget ($4.99)
Get the lite version for free before you purchase this app. With the HomeBudget app, you’ll be able to get bill reminders, categorize your budget, and set up multiple accounts. The great thing about this app is that you and your partner can share and utilize the same information.

iAllowance ($3.99)
If you’re a parent looking for a great way to keep up with your kids’ allowance, rewards, or chores, iAllowance is the way to go. Track finances for all of your kids, and add a photo for each of them within the app. Teaching your kids how to manage their finances has never been easier, and may literally pay off when they are older!

MoneyBook ($2.99)
MoneyBook has a lot of features. You can export your finances, password protect sensitive items, and add notes to individual transactions. The app also comes with a free cloud backup if you want to make sure your transactions are stored somewhere other than the device itself.

Do you have any more household budgeting apps to add to the list? Share them by commenting below!