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10 Best Couponing Blogs

April 30th, 2013 - 2:48 PM

Best Couponing Blogs on the Web

I am trying to learn to be a couponer. Maybe not “extreme” like the people on the TV shows. I mean, we don’t have the space in our garage to store 1000 boxes of cereal. But I could surely stand to save some money here or there. So in my quest for savings, I have found some awesome couponing blogs. Here are the 10 best couponing blogs I have found. Get reading and then get saving!

10 Best Couponing Blogs

  1. Freebies4mom.com. Coupon codes, rebates, and printables! Oh my! Sorry, I had a “Wizard of Oz” moment. It is just that this coupon blog has it all! There are even step-by-step instructions for redeeming those online coupon codes. I know sometimes I get lost in what to type where, and what button to click. They lay it all out so you can get your discounts every time.
  2. Sally $aves. Sally outlines the best freebies, samples, deals, coupons and other money saving information on the web! You can even sign up for a daily update email or follow her on Twitter or Facebook for daily reminders. Who wouldn’t want little tidbits of savings each day? I’m signing up now.
  3. The Krazy Coupon Lady. KCL was created by two friends, Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer, who were tired of overpaying for groceries. They will teach you how to coupon “with precision.” This site is great for everyone, from extreme couponers to those just looking to save a few bucks.
  4. Coupons on Caffeine. Bree is a “caffeine addicted, stay at home mom of 2, full time student, veteran, who doesn’t “do” retail.” She takes us on her savings journey on her coupon blog! I really appreciate her walking readers through each retail store’s savings for the week. She does posts on Rite Aid, CVS, and more!
  5. Enza’s Bargains. Enza is a working mother and bargain shopper. She says that she was able to pay for Christmas with gift cards and deals that she earned online, and I could surely learn from her! She gives great tips for using your coupons paired with deals to maximize your savings.
  6. Fabulesslyfrugal.com. This site is a great resource if you are looking to start couponing. With information on how to start couponing, how to organize, and how to get coupons – it covers all the bases! There are even have posts that go along with holidays, such as coupon deals for men’s magazines around Father’s Day, for example.
  7. I am THAT lady. Lauren is a couponing pro! She teaches couponing seminars and features a video series on her site. She takes you shopping with her by posting about her weekly shopping trips so you can see exactly how she saves! This is real insider information on this coupon blog.
  8. Frugalcouponliving.com. I love “daily deal” sites, so you better believe that I will add Frugal Coupon Living to my “must read” list! This site gives you the heads up about several deals occurring online from custom pillowcases, to magazine subscriptions, to clothing, and more. Lots of awesome deals posted here!
  9. Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring. Megan and Sara invite you to join the sisterhood (or misterhood) of couponing with them! They have taken a unique approach to couponing with an emphasis on their community. They were able to coupon and save enough for their family, as well as get items they could donate to churches, universities, hospitals and more. They show you how you can make a difference for your family and community as well.
  10. Jill Cataldo. Jill has been called the “’Dear Abby’ with coupons.” She takes couponing to a new level, something she calls Super Couponing®. She has workshops and DVDs teaching you how to coupon, along with writing a syndicated newspaper column. She shares all her couponing wisdom on her blog, saving you lots of money.
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