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10 Best Coupon Websites

January 3rd, 2012 - 3:23 PM

There’s no better time to save a dime!  Since the economy has every savvy shopper in an ultra-frugal mindset, discounts and coupons are truly considered a godsend.  And you can find them everywhere—the Sunday paper, your mailbox, your email inbox and quite possibly the most prevalent place—online on coupon websites.  Much to the penny-pincher’s delight, coupon websites have popped up everywhere.  It’s the new craze, and folks all over the country are stocking up on all kinds of products and saving tons of money while they’re at it.  In fact, some stores have even come up with new couponing policies thanks to a “backlash” from “Extreme Couponing”.  Here’s one such story on MSN Money.

I think that means people love coupons.  And if you’re moving, they’re especially good to have.  Check out our list of the 10 Best Coupon Websites and tell us what you think:

1.  Retailmenot.com.  The convenience of online shopping can almost be addicting.  If you do it often, you know it can get expensive.  If you’re at the online checkout and see a field for “coupon code”, the chances are good that this site could save you a surprising amount.  Before you click the “order” button, check here for a discount code!

2.  Couponcabin.com.  Another great source for online coupons.  At Coupon Cabin they work with merchant partners to create exclusive online coupon codes.  Just search the product, service or store you’re purchasing from and you’re likely to find a discount.

3.  Fatwallet.com.  Extra discounts on your purchases are offered by fatwallet.com via a variety of sources.  Thousands of people may be looking for the same discounts, and this is the site where penny pinchers can come together and share information on how to save a few bucks.

4.  Coupons.com.  This site is great for bargain hunting on things like groceries and household items. They even offer local coupons to places right in your neighborhood.

5.  Dropdowndeals.com.  This is actually a free downloadable plug-in that recognizes what website you’re on and delivers deals. Basically, it’s designed to prevent you from having to search online for coupon codes.  You can get coupons, daily deals, local deals and free shipping deals.

6.  Techbargains.com.  This is a coupon website that caters to tech geeks.  If you’re looking to buy a computer or any tech accessories, you’ll want to surf through their plethora of bargains first.

7.  Dealcatcher.com.  You won’t just find grocery store deals at this coupon website.  It’s updated daily with online coupons from some of the most popular online stores on the web.  You can also find great consumer reviews and rebates.

8.  Coolsavings.com.  Get printable coupons, coupon codes and free samples.  Enter your zip code and you’ll get local deals too. 
9.  Shopathome.com.  Here you’ll find restaurant coupons, cash back rewards, grocery coupons and free samples—and who doesn’t love free samples?  It’s a good place to check for Good Friday sale info too! 

10.  Couponmom.com.  Stephanie Nelson is the Coupon Mom and she’ll give you great tips on couponing, along with tons of grocery coupons.  If you’re ready to get in to couponing seriously, this is the site for you.

Are there other couponing websites you love?  Share them with us! Oh, and since we’re talking coupons, we can’t go without letting you in on a deal from U-Pack.  Mention coupon code “Blog11” to save $25.