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Enjoy the drive from Mississippi to your new home by letting U-Pack® transport your items! We specialize in long-distance moving, so whether you’re moving to Louisiana or Colorado or Alaska, we can help!

With U-Pack, you save money by doing the loading and unloading, and we do all the driving. Need packing and loading help? Hire professional labor and still pay less than traditional moving companies. Get a free moving quote today to see how much you'll save moving from Mississippi with us.

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Mississippi Facts and Figures

  • You can thank Sharkey County for the teddy bear. In 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt was hunting there and refused to shoot a captured bear, resulting in the nickname “teddy bear”
  • Cotton is one of the major crops of Mississippi, with more than 420,000 acres planted each year
  • Several cities are widely known for unique things:
    • Greenwood is the Cotton Capital of the World
    • Belzoni is the Catfish Capital of the World
    • Vardaman is the Sweet Potato Capital of the World
    • Greenville is the Towboat Capital of the World
  • The state’s name comes from the great river, and a meshing of several different cultures’ name for it — the French “messipi,” Algonquin “misi-ziibi” and a Chippewa word meaning “large river”
  • Life magazine recognized the town of D’Lo in 1942 for sending more men per capita to serve in World War II. D’Lo sent 38% of its population, more than any other U.S. city