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What will you miss most about Jackson? The Monday night Blues sessions at Hal and Mal’s? What about the many museums narrating the city’s history? Or the delicious seafood dishes at Saltine? There’s so much to love about living in Jackson! But the time has come to move out of Mississippi and make memories someplace new, and U-Pack® is ready to help.

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Just in Jackson

Before leaving, enjoy these activities that are only in your hometown:

  • Visit the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science and see their famous two-headed snake!
  • Grab a milkshake and burger at Brent’s Drugs — once a pharmacy but now an old-fashioned soda fountain. 
  • Tour the second-oldest continuously-occupied Governor’s Mansion.
  • Enjoy scenic hikes at LeFleur’s Bluff State Park.
  • Explore the Fondren District’s art galleries, local boutiques and cafes, and delicious restaurants.
  • Discover history at The Boyd House — the oldest home in Jackson (built in 1853) that survived the Civil War.

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