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What you need to know about moving vans one way

June 12th, 2013 - 3:05 PM

A Hands-Off Approach When You Need a One-Way Moving Van

When it comes to moving long-distance, many people naturally want to take the hands-off approach. I can’t say I blame them. Moving doesn’t exactly fall into the “fun” category. But often, as you dig deeper into what the hands-off approach involves and how much it costs, it becomes obvious that a moving van alternative is necessary. It’s just way too expensive.

If you’re thinking about hiring a moving van for your one-way move, consider these things as you research and make decisions.

Helpful Information about moving vans one way

The first thing we’ll cover is how the cost of a full-service moving van is calculated. As you’ve probably figured out, this is normally the most expensive way to move, and that’s because the movers do all the work. The price is almost always determined by how much your belongings weigh. So they’ll do an in-home estimate, which consists of a representative from the moving van company walking room-by-room through your house and noting the items you’re moving. They’ll use this information to estimate the weight of your shipment. Of course, they don’t have a means of weighing the items for the estimate, so they rely on experience. The shipment is weighed in transit, and if it weighs more than the estimate, the price can increase.

There are some other factors that could be added into your final price. Those things include the time it takes movers to load, the difficulty of moving the items, the number of movers involved, crating, and things like the distance of your door from where the moving truck has to park, stairs, etc. It’s always a good idea to be as detailed as possible when speaking with the moving van company, and you should definitely ask what additional charges you could potentially be responsible for.  

Now let’s talk about how your belongings travel when you use a full-service moving van. In most cases, unless your shipment occupies the entire moving van, your belongings will co-mingle with other household goods moves. That means there is a possibility your goods could be transferred at least once out of and into another van or shuttle truck before being delivered to your location. Most moving companies use a method of labeling to separate one household goods shipment from another. If this is an option you’re considering, it’s a good idea to ask the van line if your goods could be transferred or co-mingled and how they’re separated from other household goods on the truck. Being more informed will help you make better decisions.

And lastly, let’s talk how long it takes moving vans to complete one-way moves. While this varies company-to-company and based on the distance of your move, if you’re moving cross country and your shipment is co-mingled, transit times will likely be in the range of 4-6 weeks. 

If that’s more than you’re able to deal with, here’s an alternative:

How U-Pack Compares to Full-Service Moving Van

You’ve got some information about how moving vans work for one way moves, so now let’s take a look at an alternative that often costs less and offers faster transit times. Though U-Pack isn’t a “traditional” moving van service, it does offer some of the great benefits customers love. What people really like is the ability to get a lower rate by doing their own packing/loading/unloading but they don’t have to drive. It’s obvious that one of the big perks of hiring a moving van company is that you don’t have to load and unload. While U-Pack arranges the transportation of your belongings, we can also offer a means of hiring loading and unloading help; through access to a nationwide network of pre-qualified movers, we can get you pointed in the right direction. 

Another thing to consider is that U-Pack prices are not based on weight. Instead, it’s based on the linear footage your shipment occupies in a moving trailer or the number of moving containers you use. Customers like this option because it gives so much more control over the price.

I may be wrong about this, by my guess is that the perk I’m about to mention is the one people like most (well, maybe behind lower price tag). U-Pack doesn’t co-mingle household goods shipments. Yours is the only one on the trailer or in the container. You load your belongings, put up a secure divider wall (in the trailer), and the remaining space (if there is any) is filled with commercial goods moving in the same direction. Your belongings stay behind the bulkhead wall until you or your moving crew unloads. It just helps with peace of mind.

And then there’s the time it takes to complete your move. U-Pack transit times average 2-5 business days. If you need your shipment quickly, it’s a great option!

If you think U-Pack may be a good alternative to one-way moving vans, getting a free quote is easy. You can do it online, or you can call a helpful moving specialist at 800-413-4799. If you have more questions about moving vans one way or about how they compare to U-Pack leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to help!