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Self-Service Moving

November 12th, 2012 - 9:51 AM

I love self-service. The self-checkout line at the grocery store? I’m there. The line is shorter and I can bag my groceries the way I want. I love the self-service car wash too. It is fun to soap up my SUV, and I can pay special attention to the extra-grimy spots. Self-service moving is pretty awesome, too. I mean, you can take extra care with your stuff, and you can save big by doing the work yourself! Let me explain the types of self-service moving, along with some of the perks of self-service moving.

Types of Self-Service Moving

Every type of self-service moving has one thing in common: you do some of the work. But how much of the work varies between self-service moving services.

  • Truck Rental. When you choose to use truck rental for your self-service move, you are choosing to do all the work. You will do the packing, loading, driving, and unloading. Doing the work can save you money on your rental rates, but don’t forget to factor in one more thing you will be doing: buying gas for that rental truck! For many moves, the cost of fuel can be more than the cost of the truck!

  • You pack, we drive.” “You pack, we drive” services, like U-Pack take out the hassle of driving. With U-Pack, you pack, load and unload, but we do all the driving. And because we drive, there are no extra costs for fuel. U-Pack’s rates compare to truck rental, so you save big by not having to drive or buy gas! Get the price for your U-Pack move with a free moving quote!

Perks of Different Self-Service Moving Services.

I’m sure the first perk that comes to mind is saving money, but there are so many more reasons why self-service moving with U-Pack is the perfect moving solution for you!

  • Adjust the space you need! With U-Pack, your rate is based on the amount of space you use (in linear feet) in a moving trailer or the number of ReloCubes you use. With a trailer, if you need more space, take more space! Your rate will be adjusted based on the “per foot adjustment rate” you get in your moving quote. If you use less space, you pay less! Simply subtract per foot you don’t use. If you reserve extra ReloCubes and don’t use them, you don’t pay for them. You pay only for the space you use with U-Pack! With a truck, you rent a certain size truck. If your reservation isn’t guaranteed, you could end up with a different size truck on moving day! If you run out of space, there is no more available. If you don’t fill the truck, then you pay for wasted space.

  • Flexible loading and unloading. With U-Pack, you get three business days to load and three business days to unload. Most truck rentals come with time limits, so you only have one day for loading and unloading. You’ll never be rushed with U-Pack.

  • Liability coverage. When using a rental truck, it is recommended to purchase damage coverage. However, with U-Pack you won’t be driving, so there’s no need to worry about damage to the truck (and basic liability coverage is included in your U-Pack quote).

After all those comparisons, you can see how U-Pack is revolutionizing the self-service moving industry. We do things differently here, and those differences mean big savings for you – saving you time, money, and stress. Do one last comparison – check out how U-Pack’s prices compare with a free moving quote.

If you have additional questions about self-service moving, leave us a comment. One of our moving specialists will be happy to help!