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How to move to a different state

April 10th, 2013 - 9:32 AM

I’m moving to a new state – how do I plan my move?

It’s no secret that moving to a different state requires a lot of planning. Not only do you have a moving budget to stick to, but you’ve got to get a lot done before moving day arrives, too. Don’t panic! I have just what you need to figure out how to move to a different state. Let’s take a look at three simple steps you need to take to ensure your move to another state is an adventure worth taking.

Step one – Choose the right moving company

Whether you’re moving to a neighboring state or moving long distance to a different state, choosing a moving option like U-Pack® that fits your budget, time frame, and quality expectations is vital to a successful move. U-Pack is an affordable “you pack, we drive” moving service with rates comparable to truck rental. This means you can drive to your new state in your personal vehicle instead of in a rental truck - all while paying a low rate for your move. Plus, U-Pack averages cross country transit times of 2-5 business days, much faster than traditional moving companies. Get a free moving quote from U-Pack to start comparing.

Remember, it’s important to do your homework when choosing a state to state moving company. I suggest looking at sites like the Better Business Bureau to see what others are saying about the options you’re considering. U-Pack has a 4.5 star rating (out of 5 stars) on epinions.com and an A+ rating with the BBB (highest rating possible).

Step two – Do your research on your new location

Before you move to your new location, be sure to do the proper research. Realtors don’t say “location, location, location” for nothing. Here are some factors to consider before you begin your move to a different state:

  • How is the job market? You can read tips here about moving for a job.
  • What is the cost of living compared to your old location?
  • Are the neighborhoods safe? Check out this post about things to look for in a new neighborhood.
  • What’s the real estate market like – is it better to rent or buy?
  • What are the school districts like? Click here to learn how to find the best school district in your area.
  • How does the quality of life of your old location compare to your new location?

Step three – Prepare for your move to a different state

This is where the pen meets the paper. And lucky for you, I already have a ready-to-go moving checklist for moving to a different state. This checklist will help you stay organized with tasks before, during, and even after your moving day. I suggest printing the checklist off and keeping it in your moving file along with your quotes, receipts, and mover contact information.

Here’s a preview of moving advice straight from the checklist:

  • Budget for moving expenses. You’re not only paying for the cost to hire a moving company, but also travel expenses, utility deposits, and new home basics. If you choose U-Pack as your moving service, fuel, taxes, and standard liability coverage are included in your moving quote. 
  • Clean out your home. With U-Pack, the less you move, the less you pay. So decide which items you will keep, donate, sell, or throw away.
  • Order moving boxes and supplies. If you order your moving supplies through U-Pack’s Box Store, you get free shipping. 
  • Transfer utilities. You’ll need to disconnect utilities in your old location and connect in your new location. Read how to transfer utilities when you move here.
  • Don’t forget about Fido! Be sure to make travel arrangements for your pet on moving day. 

Remember, you can find a lot more tasks on U-Pack’s moving checklist, so don’t forget to download or print it today!

How to move to a different state in three simple steps

Moving to a different state won’t seem so stressful when you have the right resources available to help you plan well. In just three simple steps, you’ll be ready for your new adventure in your new state. What are you waiting for? Start preparing for your move by getting a free moving quote from U-Pack. You can get to your new home quickly for an affordable price without having to drive.

Have questions? Leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer.