DITY Move Calculator

How much will my military move cost?

One of the most important parts of completing a Personally Procured Move (PPM)/do-it-yourself (DITY) move is staying within your reimbursement budget. Since you’ll get to keep any additional money, finding ways to keep your moving costs low can make a big impact. Learn how to use a DITY move calculator to determine the government payout, then figure out the costs of your PPM to see if it’s a cost-effective option.

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Determine your moving budget with a DITY calculator

The first step in figuring out DITY moving costs is understanding how much your budget will be. The government will reimburse 95% of what it would have cost to move you. If you stay within that 95% payout, you get to keep the rest.

Your actual incentive is calculated on the day of your move, but you can estimate it by talking with the Transportation Office on base or by using this online calculator. If utilizing the tool online, estimate the weight of your items conservatively so you don’t expect an unrealistic amount of money.

Calculate the costs of your PPM

The next thing to do is to figure out how much it will cost to move. There are many moving companies to choose from for a PPM, and the option you choose will depend on what you need. U-Pack® is popular among military members because it’s a self-moving service: you do the packing and loading, but U-Pack handles the transportation. This way, you’re free to travel in your personal vehicle (instead of towing or shipping it). U-Pack can provide weight tickets for reimbursement and our prices are based on the space you use (instead of the weight of the belongings), which keeps rates low.

Call a military moving specialist at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 or get a quote online to determine rates.

So, is a DITY move worth it?

Once you know your estimated payout and the move costs, you can determine if a DITY move is a good decision from a cost perspective. Do this simple calculation:

[Moving Expenses] - [Reimbursement Amount] = X

If X is a positive number, then you’ll be able to pocket money! Along with the monetary factors, sometimes going the DITY route is worth it for the reduction in stress. You can move on your own time schedule and ensure everything is well taken care of by packing your belongings yourself.

Read more about the benefits of doing a PPM for your military move and how the process works.

Need help calculating DITY move costs?

U-Pack can help! We have military moving specialists ready to assist in the planning and execution of your move. Please call us or leave a comment below with any questions. We’re happy to help in any way. Thank you for your service to our country!