Making an Army DITY Move

Moving in the Army

As anyone living the Army life knows, frequent moving is part of the routine. But even though relocating is common for an Army family, there are still a lot of things to consider for each move — especially when doing it yourself (DITY). So when you receive your PCS orders and start planning your move, here are some things to consider as you work through the process.

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Army PCS assistance programs

If a DITY move seems right for you, there are some entitlement and assistance programs you may want to know about:

Travel allowances: When the Army issues your orders to a new location, you’ll be provided with travel tickets — or vouchers — that contain information about your travel reimbursements (these are usually based on a number of factors, including your rank, dependent status, shipment weight and the type of move you’re completing).

If you’re moving to a location within the continental United States (CONUS) and are authorized to travel in your personal vehicle(s), you will be given a mileage reimbursement to help cover your expenses. If you’re completing a DITY PCS move to an overseas location outside of the continental United States (OCONUS), like to Hawaii or Alaska, there may be an entitlement to cover vehicle or motorcycle shipping.

Flying to some locations may also be acceptable, if authorized. Learn more about Army travel pay and how the voucher process works.

Relocation assistance programs: If you need help during the relocation process, there are programs available. For example, with the Relocation Readiness Program, the Army offers a comprehensive support system to assist during your move.

Child and family transition assistance: The Army Family Team Building Program offers local support in helping your family cope with the moving process. The program guides families through the adjustment of moving and provides education on military terminology, what to expect about living on base and what other benefits and services will be available at your new home.

This resource offers more information about other entitlement programs the Army offers to help offset the costs of your move.

Moving to an Army base with U-Pack

Now that you know what entitlements to expect, you may now be exploring options on how to move your belongings. When you get ready to book your move, consider a service like U-Pack® with experience moving to Army bases.

U-Pack can provide you a military moving specialists to help plan each step of your move. Here’s how moving to an Army base works with U-Pack:

  • First, set up an appointment with your Installation Transportation Office to determine the exact details of your move
  • Then, get a free moving quote 
  • Reserve your move online or by phone (make sure to indicate that you need full and empty weight tickets — required for reimbursement)
  • Finally, on moving day, we’ll deliver a moving trailer or moving container(s) to your location. You load it. Then, we’ll pick it up and deliver it right to the door at your new army base (if that’s where you want it). You unload, and we’ll come pick up the equipment when you’re done.

U-Pack is a low-cost way to PCS. As a hybrid service, you can pack and load your belongings and we’ll handle all the driving. We allow up to 3 business days for loading and unloading and average 2-5 business days for transit times. We can provide both empty and full certified weigh tickets (which are necessary for reimbursement) and your items are never co-mingled, transferred or unloaded; they stay right where they’re loaded until you’re ready to unload.

Still need help figuring things out?

Learn more about process of military moving from beginning to end. Thank you for serving our country!