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Save Money With a Self-Move

If you’re moving long-distance and saving money is your main objective, a U-Pack self-move is the way to go. You pack, load, and unload – U-Pack does the driving. And here’s the best part: When you're moving long distance, U-Pack prices often compare to truck rental. That means you get a self-move that’s both easy and affordable.  

Self-Moving With U-Pack – How Does it work?  

The U-Pack concept was designed with a “do-it-yourselfer” like you in mind. It gives you the freedom to pack and load your belongings exactly how you want them, and save money while you’re at it.

Just select from our two self-move options: the moving trailer or the ReloCube. We’ll deliver the self-move container right to your door, and you start loading. Regardless of how much space you think you’ll need in the trailer or how many Cubes you reserve, you only pay for the trailer space or number of Cubes you actually use (down to a 5 ft. minimum in the trailer). That’s a perk U-Pack self-move customers love!

Once delivered, you can have up to three business days to load your belongings. When you're finished, just call for a pick up appointment and we'll pick it up and deliver to your new location. With cross-country transit times that average just 2-5 business days, customers call U-Pack a convenient, flexible self-moving alternative.

How Big Are U-Pack Self-Move Containers?

  • The moving trailer measures 324"D x 96"W x 108"H internally, giving it a loading capacity of around 2,000 cubic feet. The trailer typically accommodates the furnishings of a large three-bedroom to small four-bedroom home. Just pay for the space you use – whether that's the entire trailer or the 5 ft. minimum.
  • The ReloCube measures 70"D x 82"W x 93"H internally, giving it a loading capacity of around 306 cubic feet. This size container will typically hold one room of furnishings. You can reserve one, or as many as you think you need. 

How Much Does a U-Pack Self-Move Cost?

Getting a free moving quote from U-Pack is simple! Just enter the basic information about your move, then click the “get instant quote” button. You’ll see your price instantly. If your online U-Pack quote doesn’t provide an option or price that meets your needs and/or budget, just give us a call at 800-355-1696 to discuss more options and ways to save.

U-Pack prices include all transportation costs, including fuel, the driver, and standard liability coverage.

Why a U-Pack Self-Move Instead of Truck Rental?

It’s just easier.

While truck rental may seem like the most affordable way to do a self-move, that’s not always the case – especially when you’re moving long distance. When you consider the true cost of renting a truck and driving it yourself – like adding fuel, sales tax, damage protection, highway tolls and other transportation and lodging costs – the price can go up significantly. In fact, if you’re doing a self-move across the country, fuel could as much as double your rental truck price. You can see how much it would cost to fuel a rental truck for your move with the Rental Truck Fuel Calculator tool. 

Another thing to consider is the truck itself. If you’re moving with a family (specifically with children requiring child safety seats), driving through high-traffic or mountainous areas, or you have a vehicle to tow, truck rental may not be the best self-move solution.  

Instead, go U-Pack! Just load up your stuff, and let us do the driving! You can enjoy the trip in the safety and comfort of your own vehicle.

Want to Learn More About U-Pack Self-Moving?

U-Pack representatives are here to help Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. CST. Or you can get an instant moving quote online anytime. Call or click today!

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