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Job Relocation

Moving for a Job?

There are usually two types of people planning for job relocation: those traveling to a dream location to find a new profession and those headed somewhere to start a specific job. Either way, U-Pack® is a great option for moving for a job. Think affordable, easy moving paired with great customer service. U-Pack allows you to devote your energy to your career while we handle the move. Get a quote online or by calling 877-453-7274 to start planning.

Are you a Human Resources professional looking to move employees? Talk with a relocation specialist at ArcBest®for corporate moving services.

Get Settled Before Starting a New Job

Job relocations differ from a typical move in one main area: the need to move in before your start date. A new job can be a big change, so having your home unloaded and unpacked (at least somewhat) before the first day can help with the transition. U-Pack transit times are fast, so we can get everything to the destination quickly. And if you want to ensure a delivery date, guaranteed options are available.

Store Your Belongings While Job Hunting

If you’d prefer to wait until securing a job to move in, U-Pack can store your belongings. Things stay right in the moving equipment for as long as you need. Don’t know exactly where you’re moving yet? We can hold everything at origin, then move it when you get hired and figure out where you’re headed.

Job Relocation Tips

  • Ask about relocation costs. Traditional “relocation packages” are less common these days. Instead, some companies will provide money for employees to use when transferring. With the new tax guidelines, that money counts as income and is taxable. So it’s even more important than ever to make that money go as far as possible. U-Pack keeps costs low with our flexibility and money-saving options. Learn more about getting the cheapest moving rates.
  • Stick to a plan. There are so many tasks to complete before a move. With the focus on your new job, don’t overlook anything. Use our moving checklist to keep tabs on everything before moving day.
  • Reach out to new co-workers. Ask your boss if it’s OK to connect with new co-workers on social media or via email before starting the new job. If you’re new to the area, ask them for recommendations on places to eat, medical care providers, real estate agents and more.
  • Locate the essentials when you arrive. Make sure you know how to get to your new job from the new house. Have to get a health check before beginning work? Find the clinic. Plan on getting coffee on the way to your first day? Locate the nearest drive-thru beforehand. You don’t want to get lost on an important day.
  • Handle the changes before starting the new job. There can be endless things to schedule when moving for a job. From utility installation, repairs, cleaning and furniture delivery to updating your driver’s license at the DMV — the chores don’t stop. Tackle as much as possible before your start date. This way, you don’t have to step out of the office for all these appointments and tasks.