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U-Pack Compared to Full-Service Movers

January 16th, 2017 - 8:41 AM

Is a full-service moving company the best option for your move?

Like the name implies, full-service companies take care of everything for you. This means packing, loading, transportation and unloading are all done by a crew, and you aren’t responsible for managing the process. While this type of moving service is convenient, it doesn’t come without a price — full-service companies are typically the most expensive option. If you’re looking for a way to move without doing all of the work, but you don’t want to spend more than you budgeted (and maybe want a little more control over your belongings), consider a hybrid moving service like U-Pack®.  


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Full service moves vs. U-Pack moving solutions


While price is often the biggest influencer, other factors are worth considering when choosing a moving service. Compare U-Pack to full-service movers to see which option works better for your move:

Quotes and estimates

Full-service movers will likely require an in-home estimate. This means that before they can provide a price quote, they'll have to come to your house, look at everything and estimate the weight of your shipment. Since full-service prices are based on weight, you'll have to make sure they look at everything — including any attics, basements or off-site storage units — to get an accurate moving estimate.

U-Pack quotes are available online and rates are based on space, so it’s easy to see how much you’ll pay. Start by putting in the origin and destination locations and the size of your home. The quote will include the amount of space — either linear feet in a moving trailer or the number of moving containers — you should need based on your home size. The quote will also list a "per foot adjustment rate" for the trailer or the cost for additional containers. This way, if you need a different amount of space, you'll know how much to adjust the price.  Learn more about how a U-Pack move works.

How items are transported

With a full-service move, other households may be using the same equipment. This means your belongings may be loaded into the truck with another shipment that’s traveling in the same direction. Similarly, the trailer the items are originally loaded in may not be the one they’re delivered in. Movers may load your belongings into a truck, and then move them to another truck along the way.

When moving with U-Pack, your belongings are never moved until you’re ready to unload them. If moving in the trailer, you'll install a secure divider wall (called a bulkhead) after you’re finished to separate your stuff from the rest of the trailer. If there is any open space, we will fill it with commercial goods like boxed electronics. If you're moving in a ReloCube container, only your belongings will be inside.  You place a lock on it and it stays there until it reaches its destination — giving you full control.

Transit time

Average transit time can be from 2-4 weeks for full-service companies, and 2-5 business days for U-Pack shipments.

Down payments

Full service movers may require a down payment or deposit in order to book your move and reserve the equipment. With U-Pack, no down payment or deposit is required. We do take a credit card number to hold your reservation, but nothing is charged until your move is in transit. You can change the dates for delivery and pickup or cancel up to 7 days before your move with no penalty.

What if I need help loading or unloading?

If you need help with loading and unloading, we can refer you to loading or unloading help to make your move similar to full-service — but for less money. A moving crew is available for whatever you need, on either end of the move. If you just need assistance with the big stuff, hire a crew of 2 or 3 people for a few hours. Or if you need help with it all, get a crew for the entire day.  Either way, costs are typically much cheaper than using a full-service company.

Compare U-Pack prices to full-service moving quotes

Ready to see how prices compare? Get a free moving quote from U-Pack and see how it stacks up to rates from traditional full-service movers.

If you have questions about full-service moves, moving with U-Pack or getting the best price, we’re here to answer them! Simply call a U-Pack moving consultant at 800-413-4799 or leave a comment below.

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