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The Ideal Job Relocation

September 16th, 2011 - 9:42 AM

It's Flashback Friday— each week, U-Pack will revisit a blog topic that's been helpful and fun for our readers. Be sure to check the comments section of each post for even more valuable moving advice!

If you know relocation is in your future, but you haven't found the ideal job, it's time to start a cross-country search. Here are some good tips to get you moving in the right direction:

Get your resume in tip-top shape. As you know, the market is extremely competitive right now, so it's important that your resume stand out. If you're struggling with the best way to present your skills, the Career Placement Center at your college or university should have helpful resources, or check out resume building sites like theresumebuilder.com or howtowritearesume.net.

Start a comprehensive job search. If you're open to relocation, finding a great job goes beyond looking in the Sunday classifieds. Start with the Career Placement Center, then go to job fairs and visit job search sites like careerbuilder.com, job.com, or monster.com.

Compare salary vs. cost of living. Any time you get a job offer, it's a good idea to compare the salary to the cost of living in the city you're considering relocating to. A lower salary may not be so bad if the area has a lower cost of living than you're accustomed to. At the same time a higher salary may not be worth it if the cost of living is outrageous. Try cost of living calculators at sites like mysalary.com or bestplaces.net to get an idea of what to expect.

Consider the housing market. How difficult will it be to sell the home you're currently in? How difficult will it be to find an affordable home in the city you're relocating to? Will the new company pay for temporary housing while you're trying to sell your home? Can you afford two mortgages if that's what it takes? These are all good questions to ask before taking the relocation plunge.

Choose a reputable relocation service. Once you've found the perfect job (or any job really), and relocation is on the horizon, you just want a seamless move with a reputable moving company. It's not a bad idea to start researching relocation companies right away. Start with getting moving quotes, then visit sites like epinions.com, movingscam.com and the Better Business Bureau - they're are all excellent research tools. Listen to and read about what other people are saying. If you don't see much about a particular relocation company, or the majority of what you read is bad, you'll probably want to move on – regardless of price.

Set up shop. Before you move into your new home (whether temporary or permanent), make sure the utilities are turned on and it's move-in ready. At least two weeks before your relocation takes place, call the utility companies to make them aware of your move-in day. And, of course, make sure the utilities are shut off at the residence you're moving out of. The utility companies you may need to contact are: electric company, water company (normally the city), trash/recycling services, gas company, local telephone company, cable/satellite provider, internet provider and alarm system provider.

Relocation has the potential to be exciting! Consider it a new, fresh start and an opportunity to excel. It's a new adventure. Enjoy it!