Moving Truck Rental Unlimited Mileage

When every mile counts, mileage fees can add up

How far away are you moving? Whether it’s to a new state or across the country, if you’re paying per mile for your move, those charges can add up fast. That’s what makes unlimited mileage on a moving truck sound so appealing. However, unlimited miles may be harder to find than you think. In fact, only one company offers it, and it’s only for one-way moves. The good news? There are ways to move where mileage doesn’t factor into the costs. Take a look at the different options below to see how mileage matters with each one.

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Who offers truck rental with unlimited miles?

Penske® is the only national company to offer unlimited mileage for one-way moves.

Since there’s no unlimited mileage option with U-Haul® or Budget®, how do they handle their moves? Both companies include a set number of miles for one-way trips. If you need more miles, here’s what you can expect:

  • U-Haul charges $0.40 per mile if you exceed the allowed mileage on a one-way move. Local moves have mileage charges that vary for location and equipment.
  • Budget has different fees depending on when you add extra miles. If you purchase them when you pick up the truck, the miles are $0.80 each. If you wait and pay for them when returning the equipment, they cost $1.00 each. Mileage charges for local moves vary by location.


Moving without watching the odometer

Not all DIY moving options will count your miles. U-Pack® is a self-moving service where you pack and load, but we do the driving. The distance is factored into the quote, so on the way to your new home, you can travel wherever you want. Visit your college roommate. Stop and see the sights. Go the route that takes you through the most states to check them off your bucket list. Your moving price won’t change since we transport your belongings door to door.

The lack of mileage fees isn’t the only great thing about U-Pack. Compare U-Pack to truck rental and see what else makes our service easier than driving a truck. Call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 for a quote to compare.

Need more help understanding unlimited mileage or distance charges?

Have questions about the mileage fees for Budget, U-Haul, unlimited mileage, or using an alternative like U-Pack? Leave a comment below, and we’ll be happy to help!



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