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Moving to Phoenix with U-Pack® - A Personal Experience

By Josh K
October 17th, 2011 - 3:14 PM

We'd like to introduce Josh Knoll, a recent U-Pack customer turned guest blogger. Josh's move was from Ft. Smith, AR to Phoenix, AZ using a ReloCube.  He was formally a student at the University of Arkansas Ft. Smith, and made the move to Phoenix to begin grad school at Arizona State University. We like the idea of actual customers documenting their moving experience then sharing it with other folks who may be in the same boat.  So we asked Josh to write his story, and he eagerly agreed.  If you're moving to college, you've got a child moving to college or if you're moving a small apartment, Josh has some great advice to share.  It's a five-part series, complete with pictures (thanks Josh), so make sure to check back!   

If you're interested in sharing your moving experience on the U-Pack Moving Blog, send an email to publicrelations@upack.com and let us know!

Part One— Choosing a Grad School

As part of my New Year's resolution this year, I decided to make a serious life change.  I wanted to move out of the sleepy town of Fort Smith, Arkansas and do something new and exciting!  So, in mid-January, I started researching graduate schools that offered degrees in my area of interest— Graphic Design and Visual Communication. 

In discerning between schools that were "for me" versus "not for me," I also added the stipulation that I reside in or near a very large metropolitan area.  I checked schools in Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Miami, and Phoenix.  Finally, I had my school choices narrowed down to my favorite two universities based on fields of study, tuition cost, location, and reputation.  My first choice was the largest university in the country— Arizona State University.  The University of Illinois at Chicago was my second choice.

I had been to the campus in Chicago, and I actually lived nearby for five years, so I knew the "ins and outs" of the Chicago lifestyle.  I started to compile a mental comparison on many different criteria between Chicago and Phoenix— weather, tuition costs, employment rates, cost of living, culture, night life, and transportation options to name a few.  It wasn't far into my research on these two schools that I decided to go out on a limb and move to a place I had never even been before.  I decided to sign the line, and become a Sun Devil!