Moving from Phoenix, AZ, to San Francisco, CA

Are You Moving from Phoenix, AZ, to San Francisco, CA?

Moving from the hot desert skies of Phoenix to the rolling hills and cable cars of San Francisco marks the beginning of life in Northern California, an area known for the same laid-back lifestyle, scenic beauty, mild climate, and abundance of outdoor activities you love about Phoenix. San Francisco is a unique city with an international flair, where you can walk just about anywhere and bask in the eclectic mix of architecture, people, and cultures. You will soon discover why San Francisco is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, but you will be one of the lucky ones who get to call the city home!

What will life be like after moving from Phoenix to San Francisco?

The information below will help you realize why moving to San Francisco could be the best move you’ve ever made.

  • Climate – Instead of the scorching heat and scant rainfall for which Phoenix is famous, San Francisco offers mild temperatures year-round with temperatures generally ranging from the 50s to the 60s and rarely exceeding 75 degrees. Snowfall is rare, so you can still enjoy the great outdoors year-round, just like you do in Phoenix.
  • Education – If you were impressed with the educational diversity in Phoenix, you will be even more pleased with your options in San Francisco. The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) serves more than 55,500 students in more than 160 schools. Each year, SFUSD offers the unique option of letting you choose the public school you want your child to attend, unless you want to choose from among the 100 private and parochial schools in the area. SFUSD consistently outperforms other large school districts in California, and several SFUSD schools have been ranked among the best in the country. As for college, a multitude of private colleges and public universities are located in San Francisco, including San Francisco State University and the University of California, San Francisco.
  • Entertainment – Phoenix may be known for its golf courses and abundance of outdoor activities, but even Phoenix is no match for San Francisco when it comes to urban sophistication and things to do. As the cultural center of Northern California, San Francisco offers a plethora of performing arts venues from theater and ballet to opera and the symphony. If you aren’t touring a museum, the zoo, or a botanical garden, you might be watching a baseball game, biking one of the city’s many scenic bike paths, or simply hanging out in any one of 200 parks, some of which stretch all the way to the Pacific Ocean. You will have no trouble whetting the appetite you’ve worked up. The city is known world-wide for its top-notch cuisine, whether you’re grabbing a bite from a local street vendor or enjoying a more elegant meal at a sit-down restaurant.
  • Economy – Tourism is important to the economies of both Phoenix and San Francisco. However, San Francisco offers the added distinction of being a leading banking and financial center with more than 30 international firms located in the area. Even so, about 85 percent of the San Francisco economy consists of small businesses and start-ups, with many well-known Internet companies headquartered in the city. In recent years biotechnology and biomedical research has gained prominence, which not only enhances the city’s economic diversity, but also increases your chances of finding the job of your dreams.

Welcome to Fabulous San Francisco!

Your move from the desert skies over Phoenix to the rolling hills of Northern California will open up an exciting new world of opportunity and entertainment. Moving to San Francisco will be the best move you’ve made! Find out how U-Pack can help you move. With many options, affordable rates, and fast transit times, it's a great option. Compare rates with a free moving quote! Explore our coverage area here