Moving from Phoenix, AZ, to Spokane, WA

Are You Moving from Phoenix, AZ, to Spokane, WA?

You may hate the though of leaving the beautiful desert landscape of Phoenix, but a move to the Pacific Northwest will bring a refreshing change of landscape and lifestyle you will not regret. Dubbed the “Lilac City" because of the abundance of lilacs, Spokane is a friendly city with tons of shopping and a fabulous downtown riverfront where you can dine, dance, sip a latte, or take in all kinds of festive local events. Spokane offers an easygoing lifestyle, great neighborhoods, affordable housing, access to excellent medical care, and perhaps best of all, a low cost of living, which enables you to live the good life on less!

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What will life be like after moving from Phoenix to Spokane?

The information below will help you realize why moving to Spokane could be the best move you’ve ever made.

  • Climate – In Spokane, you will continue to enjoy warm, dry summers and relatively mild winters, but you can say goodbye to the scorching triple-digit temperatures and scarcity of rainfall that defines the climate in Phoenix. You will see just enough snow to enjoy a little skiing or snow boarding, but nearby mountains shield Spokane from severe Artic blasts during winter. Spring brings plants and trees bursting with color, and autumn brings breathtaking foliage.
  • Education – Spokane Public Schools (District 81) is the largest public school system in Spokane and the second largest in the state, serving roughly 30,000 students in five high schools, six middle schools, and 34 elementary schools. The Mead School District also serves Spokane. Spokane is home school friendly, but also offers a variety of state-approved private schools, which provide additional options. Spokane is home to private universities Gonzaga University and Law School and Whitworth along with Eastern Washington University (EWU) and the health sciences campus of Washington State University (WSU). Your child’s education will not miss a beat with your move to Spokane!
  • Entertainment – You may think no city can match Phoenix’s vibrant entertainment scene and abundance of outdoor activities, but think again. A nature lover’s dream, Spokane is known for its picturesque gardens, biking and walking paths, and trails along the scenic Spokane River, an ideal spot for kayaking and rafting. Downtown Spokane is safe and very walkable, which makes it conducive to enjoying the variety of eclectic shops and restaurants. When you need a taste of culture, enjoy classical and pop performances by the Spokane Symphony or browse any of number of art galleries. Combine Spokane’s natural beauty with the abundance of things to do, and your leisure time will feel like a vacation in paradise!
  • Economy – Whereas the Phoenix economy is driven largely by tourism, construction, and high-tech, the more earthy industries of logging and agriculture form the foundation of Spokane's economy. More recently, Spokane has emerged as a commercial, manufacturing, transportation, and entertainment hub. It is the center for medical services in the Inland Northwest, making the health care industry increasingly important. Indeed, with six major hospitals in the area, the health care industry offers a plethora of job opportunities. The Spokane economy can provide just the boost your career needs.

Welcome to Fabulous Spokane!

Whether you’re moving from Phoenix to Spokane to explore new career opportunities or life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, you are in for a pleasant surprise. An encouraging job market, beautiful scenery, affordable housing, and abundance of things to do will make your move to “the Lilac City” sweet indeed!