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Ideas for Hosting a Moving Out Party

March 26th, 2013 - 9:25 AM

Moving Out Party Ideas

When you or a friend or loved one is preparing to move out, you have a choice. You can sulk in sadness, or you can throw a party! It is really easy to throw a memorable, fun moving out party to show the guest of honor how much you care. Here are some ideas for hosting a moving out party.

How to Throw a Moving Out Party

Pick a theme. I love a good themed party. If it involves a costume or fun topic, count me in! Your party theme doesn’t have to be that involved, but you can get a little creative and make your party memorable!

  • Where is your friend moving to? You could choose a theme that goes along with their destination. Is your friend moving to Texas? Have a Western themed BBQ party! Invite your friends to wear their boots and cowboy hats! Is your friend moving to Colorado? Have a winter themed party and serve hot chocolate.
  • Another idea is celebrate the reason your friend is moving. Is the guest of honor leaving for college? Decorate with school colors and serve college food. Pizza, anyone?
  • Another idea is to have a celebration of your town. Before your friend moves away, celebrate all the local stuff they love. Have food from their favorite local joints, and decorate with photos and memorabilia from around town.

Invite your friends. After you have chosen a fun theme, make invitations! There are awesome invitations online (check out etsy.com for creative stuff!), or make your own. You could also send out an e-vite or create a Facebook event. Just make sure guests know about the party ahead of time; nobody likes last minute plans. Also, if the party is a surprise, make sure to tell guests on the invitation so nobody spoils the surprise!

Memorable activities. Since the moving out party is away for people to say goodbye, do something memorable.  Have guests write goodbye notes. Ask guests for photos and create a scrapbook that everyone can sign. Or maybe set up a photo booth area where the guest of honor can take pictures with the guests. You could always do a fun scavenger hunt around town one last time. Another idea is to create a video montage set to music. Any of these moving out party ideas will be special for the guest of honor.

Give a gift! If you are throwing the moving out party for a friend, you might want to give the guest of honor a going away gift. Maybe a CD of music for the drive, a local guidebook for their new hometown, décor for their new home, or gift cards to use after they move. If you are throwing your own moving out party, you could give party guests favors, like stationary to write you after you move!

Saying goodbye isn’t easy, but if you plan a moving out party, you can make saying goodbye fun! Do you have other tips for hosting a great moving out party?  Share them with us!

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