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How to Hire Moving Helpers

February 19th, 2016 - 8:59 AM

How to find moving assistance

If you want to keep moving costs low, choosing a do-it-yourself moving company is a great way to go. However, you might be concerned about doing all the work yourself. That’s where hiring moving labor comes in. You can pair the affordable DIY service with hourly labor and likely still come in below the cost of traditional movers. Let’s go over some tips for finding reliable moving assistance, how to best utilize them on loading day, and some tips for prepping your house for the movers.

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Finding reliable moving assistance

Whether you require help for your entire move or just handling the bulky items, hiring hourly moving labor is a very good idea. But how do you find experienced help? You can ask your friends for suggestions or turn to online classifieds, but there is no guarantee that either of those groups will be experienced enough to give knowledgeable advice. 

Your best bet is to ask your moving company for recommendations. When you book a U-Pack move, we can refer you to experienced moving labor through a company that has a network of moving crews throughout the country. These are movers who are available for customer-directed labor, which means that while they’re experienced in all areas of moving, they are there to do whatever you need them to do. You're basically their supervisor for the day. Need help moving the big stuff? Just show them what you want and they're off! They can do light disassembly of furniture and carry and load/unload your belongings. They can even reassemble them at the destination if you like.  You’ll need to have packing materials on hand, but they’ll bring tools for disassembly and a dolly/hand truck for loading.   Hand them some rope and they can tie down your belongings in the moving trailer or moving container. This type of moving labor is a great alternative to high-priced full-service movers.

You can get a moving quote from U-Pack that includes rates for moving assistance, too. Or if you prefer to talk to someone, give us a call at 800-413-4799.

How to best use moving labor on moving day

For starters, we recommend booking your moving labor to arrive the day after you have the moving equipment dropped off. This helps you avoid any timing issues such as paying for the moving crew to wait around for the equipment to arrive. Since you have three business days to load, you have plenty of time to schedule moving labor after the trailer or Cube is dropped off at your home.

Next, take care of anything you can. You can start loading boxes and smaller pieces of furniture before the labor crew arrives. Be sure to utilize the entire width and height of the moving equipment, and tie everything down securely as you go. Doing these things will set the crew up for success when they arrive. If most of your smaller belongings are out of the way, it will be easier for the crew to handle the larger items you need help with.

Make sure you have plenty of packing supplies ready, including a toolkit and moving blankets or paper padding.  The moving crew will call you a couple days before they’re scheduled to come to your house.  Tell them at that time what supplies you have on hand for them to use. While you should have the majority of your items packed and ready to load, they can assist in light prep such as putting furniture pads or blankets on your washer or other furniture before loading them. 

Have a game plan for the helpers. When they arrive, you'll be paying them for their time – and you’re the boss! Get them started right away, telling them what you want to be done. Customer-directed labor is a great to avoid wasting time or money. You tell the movers what you need accomplished, and they get to work!

Prepare your home

We’ve outlined several tips for protecting your home and your belongings from damage during a move. It's important to consider the areas where the movers will be carrying items, including door frames and flooring. In the blog post mentioned above, we have tips for covering the floors, door jambs, and banisters so they don't get damaged or scratched. Even though the helpers are experienced and good at what they do, moving heavy, cumbersome furniture and appliances can be a challenge. It's best to prepare your home for this in advance.

Have questions about hiring helpers for moving day?

If you have any questions about moving with U-Pack or finding helpers for your move, please let us know. You can leave a comment below or give us a call. We have helpful moving experts ready to answer any questions you may have!