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Going Away Gifts

February 9th, 2013 - 11:29 AM

Moving Away Gifts
When someone special moves away, giving them a gift is a really nice gesture. But finding something special that's also practical and personal can be quite a difficult task for some – especially if gift giving isn't your specialty. The good news is, gift giving is something I LOVE, so I've helped come up with some creative going away gifts for your friends and family. I hope you find an idea you like! 

Gift Cards
I know gift cards aren't creative, and some might find them impersonal, but if there's a time when they're needed and appreciated, it's when you're moving. We all know that moving can be expensive (especially if you use a service other than U-Pack – wink, wink), so giving a gift card for a going away gift can be super helpful. I suggest gifts cards for restaurants, entertainment or home stores, and here's why: 

If you've ever moved you know how difficult it is to plan meals when you've yet to unpack your kitchen. How helpful would it be to give a restaurant gift card so they can just run by and grab take out, or even better, have a nice sit-down meal in the middle of the chaos. And an entertainment gift card would ge great for helping folks get their mind off of the busyness. How about passes to area museums, zoos, amusement parks and/or moving theaters in their new town? If they're moving into a home that needs some work, or if they'll need to buy new stuff for their place (anything from window treatments to light bulbs), a gift card to a department store, home décor store, or home improvement store is a GREAT going away gift.

Memory Gifts
Are you or your friend the sentimental type? If so, you may want to go with a gift to help your friend remember you and/or their hometown. These going away gifts can be anything that strikes a memory: a picture frame with a photo inside, a potted plant that is just like the one outside their old home, or a t-shirt of the local sports team. You could also get creative and do a homemade going away gift. How about painting a favorite quote on a canvas, knitting a scarf, painting a picture frame, or making a scrapbook or photo memory book? These memory gifts are sure to be a keepsake!

Add to a collection!
Does your friend collect anything? Maybe antique cookie jars? Toy cars? Coffee Mugs? T-Shirts? Ornaments? Magnets? Sports memorabilia? Get something to add to their collection. It is a great way to give something they will love and give it a little more meaning by making it a going away gift! Is your friend a little overly-obsessed with something? I have friends obsessed with tea, salsa, sports teams…the list goes on. Great going away gift ideas for those friends would be something they love! My friend who considers herself a salsa connoisseur would adore a jar of special salsa. And I would definitely buy unique flavored tea as a going away gift for my co-worker who enjoys hot tea.  

Personalized gifts
If you've never visited Etsy, I highly recommend. You can find some GREAT unique personalized gifts here. I'm a fan of hand-stamped jewelry, which would make a great going away gift. How about a peraonalized address stamp? Or maybe personalized stationary?   

Make it personal! 
No matter what you decide for a going away gift, make it personal. Something thought out and personal always makes for a special gift. Don’t stress over going away party gift ideas. It’s the thought that counts! Whether you go practical with a gift card, memorable with a picture frame, or unique with a jar of local honey, I am sure your friend will love their going away gift!

We would love to hear about your going away gift ideas. Leave a comment below and share them with us!