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Corporate Move Checklist

April 14th, 2011 - 1:34 PM

Making a corporate move

If you're relocating with your company, you probably have a lot of special requirements.  Aside from the typical moving checklist (buy moving boxes, make a reservation, rent your new apartment), here are some extra items that will be involved when making a corporate move.

Corporate move tip #1: do your research
Unless your organization has a contract with a specific moving company, you may have to submit several moving quotes to your employer.  Make sure to do your research while obtaining estimates for a corporate move.  If any of the estimates are from a company you would not feel comfortable using, make a note for later reference to avoid a potential moving scam.

If there is a particular moving company that you're most impressed with, let a supervisor know. Jot down a few reasons why you would like to use your movers of choice and submit them with your other estimates.

Corporate move tip #2: stay organized
Oh, paperwork…it's such a fun part of life.  Forms, signatures, and receipts are some of the ways that companies keep everything straight.  Check with your human resources department before beginning your corporate move so that you'll know what you'll be required to turn in.  Knowing what to look for in advance will help you keep all of the necessary documents in a safe place, making your move a lot easier!

Corporate move tip #3: completing your move by your report date
If you're moving for work, your employer has probably given you a date to report for duty at your new office.  In order to make sure this happens, you may want to look into a guaranteed delivery date rather than an estimated transit time.  Find out your timeline and keep it in mind when researching movers.  Make sure that the rate for any guaranteed delivery dates are included in your moving quote.

Corporate relocation programs
U-Pack has a corporate relocation group, which specializes in making sure your corporate move goes smoothly.  Check to see if your company is a member of this group when getting your moving estimate.  If they are, your move could be eligible for special perks, such as:

  • Additional liability coverage for your items.
  • Discounts for a guaranteed or expedited delivery date at your destination.
  • Discounts on moving supplies for your move.

Want more information about making a corporate move with U-Pack? Leave a comment or call 800-413-4799.