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Help Moving

Get Help with Your U-Pack® Move

Sure, a U-Pack self-move is the most cost-effective way to move, but not everyone is able to do their own packing, loading and unloading.

U-Pack can now recommend a solution that makes moving affordable for customers who hope to avoid "traditional" full-service movers, but still need moving help. It allows you to maintain control of your move while getting the help you need.

How Labor Help Works

Whether you're just considering hiring moving labor, or you're certain it's needed, U-Pack can get you pointed in the right direction. We can refer you to Moving Staffers, a nationwide network of experienced, pre-qualified moving labor providers that can help on either end of your move.

If you're on a specific budget and need help moving the "big stuff," Moving Staffers offers an hourly labor option that allows you to hire just as much help as you need. With hourly labor you'll contract directly with the labor suppliers and they'll work completely under your direction - just tell them what you need done. The moving labor service includes a minimum of two movers for a minimum of two hours. If you need more movers or more time, just let them know.

Your moving labor will provide a dolly and tools for minor assembly and disassembly. You'll just need to provide boxes and the packing and loading supplies. These can be purchased through the U-Pack Box Store and delivered right to your door (with free shipping!).

Whether you choose to hire moving assistance, or you have plenty of help from friends and family and decide on a "true" U-Pack self-move, we recommend checking out U-Pack packing tips and loading tips. On these pages you'll find helpful advice designed to help ensure your belongings travel safely to your destination.