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Get to Know U-Pack

The U-Pack homepage provides an overview of how U-Pack works. Get started here.

Free Moving Quote Request

Request an instant quote for your out-of-state move.

U-Pack Online Reservation Form
A convenient way to complete your reservation online using your reference number.

Track your U-Pack Shipment
See where your shipment is anytime during your move.

Frequently Asked Questions about U-Pack

Check here to find the answers to your U-Pack-related questions.

U-Pack Blog

A blog bursting at the seams with helpful tips and advice to make your move successful.

Contact U-Pack
Email, call, post, or tweet. There are plenty of ways to get in touch with U-Pack.

U-Pack Equipment Options

U-Pack Moving Trailer

Learn more about the moving trailer and why it may be the best choice for your move.

U-Pack ReloCube

Learn more about the ReloCube and why it may be the best choice for your move.

Complementary U-Pack Equipment


Learn more about the ramp provided with a U-Pack moving trailer.


Learn more about the bulkhead provided with a U-Pack moving trailer.

Types of U-Pack Moves

Door-to-Door Moves

Learn how U-Pack can move you door-to-door for an affordable price.

Small Moves

Shipping something small? U-Pack can help.

Military Moves

U-Pack makes DITY moves easy while meeting all the requirements for a military move.

Student Moves

U-Pack can meet the moving needs of any college student moving to another state.

Corporate Relocation

U-Pack recommends MoveBuilder for easy and affordable employee relocation services.

Other Shipping Services

Need to ship commercial freight? U-Pack recommends ABF Freight, our primary transportation provider.

Additional Services

U-Pack Moving and Storage

U-Pack makes it easy to store your belongings during your move.

U-Pack Guaranteed

Arrange to have your shipment delivered on a specific day – guaranteed.

Other Moving-Related Services

Learn more about auto/motorcycle shipping services, moving labor, and more.

How U-Pack is different from other moving companies

Compare U-Pack to Full-Service Movers

See the differences and benefits of a U-Pack move over full-service.

Compare U-Pack to Truck Rental

See the differences and benefits of a U-Pack move over truck rental.

Compare U-Pack to PODS® Portable Storage

See the differences and benefits of a U-Pack move over PODS® Portable Storage.

Helpful U-Pack Resources

Rental Truck Fuel Calculator
Estimate how much it costs to fuel a rental truck for your entire move.

Space Estimator Tool

Because you only pay for the space you use, estimate how much space you’ll use with this tool.

Moving Checklist

This printable checklist covers tasks to complete before, during, and even after your move.

Do Not Ship List

Make sure you don’t pack these items on the moving trailer or in the ReloCube.

Order Moving Supplies
Find sturdy boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes to pack and load your home.

Forms and Documents

View, print, or save forms you may need to complete the reservation process.

Document Retrieval

View and print your actual shipping documents for tax receipts or employer reimbursement.

Moving Calendar Tool

Use this tool to select a moving day that is “less busy” and save money on your move.

Packing and Loading Tips

These tips will have you packing and loading like a pro.

U-Pack Coverage Map

Find detailed information about the city you’re moving to or submit reviews for others.

More about U-Pack

Privacy Policy

U-Pack is committed to protecting your privacy. Read our policy to put your mind at ease.

Customer Reviews and Comments

See what U-Pack customers have to say about their experience.

Liability Statement

Concerned about the safety of your belongings? Read the U-Pack liability statement.

Press Room

An area for media personnel to get further research and information about U-Pack.