Alberta Moving Companies



Finding the Best Moving Company in Alberta

Chances are if you're moving from Alberta to the U.S., you’re comparing options — everything from DIY to full-service movers. Maybe you're not looking forward to driving a rental truck, but opting for a full-service move can be pricey. Plus, there’s the border crossing process to consider.

How about an option in the middle? U-Pack fits the bill with affordable rates and service centers across Canada and the U.S.

When you move with U-Pack, we’ll transport your items across the border for you, and you clear your items after they cross. It’s a convenient way to move from Canada because you don’t have to meet your items at the border. Just pack, load, and let U-Pack take care of the rest. When your items arrive in the states, simply unload and you’re done!

What Alberta is Known For

Along with being a great place to call home, Alberta is known for many unique things, including:

  • The Canadian Rockies — Spanning much of the southwest border of the province, the mountains include the popular tourist areas of Jasper and Banff National Parks.
  • The Calgary Stampede — The annual rodeo attracts more than a million visitors each year and is hailed as one of the largest rodeos in the world. It includes a parade, midway, concerts, and more.
  • Oil and gas — Oil and gas fields are found throughout the province, and more than 170,000 people work in the industry here.
  • Cattle ranches — The foothill country in southwestern Alberta is a hub of the contemporary beef cattle industry in Canada.