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Compare U-Pack to other Alaska Moving Companies

Moving from Alaska may seem complicated due to the distance, but the right moving service can make it easy. Instead of driving a rental truck more than 1,400 miles through Canada on the Alaska Highway or paying higher rates for a full-service company, go U-Pack®. U-Pack offers affordable moving without having to do all the work. It’s a self-moving service with prices that compare to truck rental.

Check rates for your move with a free moving quote. Let us know a few details, and we’ll email you a quote in one business day (moves going to and from Alaska require a moving consultant to check the details). Through over 240 service centers, including a location in Anchorage, U-Pack provides long-distance moving service to all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. No matter where your move is taking you, U-Pack has a solution to meet your needs.

Details on Moving out of the State

U-Pack offers two equipment options for moves in and out of Alaska, depending on your locations, delivery options and home size:

  • Moving trailer: 28’ x 8’ x  9’ with flexible space for loading — use as little as 5 linear feet or up to the entire trailer, depending on the size of your move. Door-to-door delivery is available in some Alaska locations or you can load/unload at the service center in Anchorage.
  • ReloCube containers: 6’ x 7’ x 8’ metal container that typically holds one room of furniture and boxes (you can reserve one or as many as you need). Door-to-door delivery is available in some Alaska locations or you can load/unload at the service center in Anchorage.

Call a moving consultant at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to explore the best option for your move. And check out this Alaska moving guide for information about the process.

What You’ll Find after Moving

There are several things you may notice when you no longer live Alaska:

  • There is sales tax. Alaska has no sales tax, so you may need to adjust to having sales tax added to your purchases.
  • A change in daylight hours. You’re leaving behind the Northern Lights and extra summer daylight, but you won’t have the very dark winter months.
  • Cheaper cost of living. Alaska has a higher than average cost of living, so the new place you call home should be more affordable in terms of housing, rent, utilities and other expenses.
  • No more dividend payments. Each year, Alaska residents are eligible to receive part of the state’s Permanent Fund Dividend. Moving away from Alaska means leaving that behind.

Popular Places to Move from Alaska

Since Anchorage is the largest city, we see the most moves from there. Here's the top spots where people head after leaving the Last Frontier: