Moving from Anchorage, AK to Houston, TX

Moving from Anchorage, Alaska to Houston, Texas

If you’re moving from Anchorage to Houston, you know that you’ll be going through some very drastic changes. You’ll not only be moving from Alaska to the lower 48 states, but you’ll be moving very far south. Anchorage and Houston are also quite different in size. While Anchorage has a population of 291,826, Houston is much bigger with a population of 2.1 million. However, don’t let Houston’s size worry you! It is a thriving Southern city with friendly residents and so many things to offer! After you move, it won’t be long before you feel like Houston is your home!

On your way from Anchorage to Houston and more about Houston:

Anchorage and Houston are, of course, very far away from each other, so you might choose to fly when you move. However, if you love road trips and you decide to drive, you’ll be able to see so much of North America. Driving from Anchorage to Houston will take about three days and five hours to travel over 4,100 miles! However, if you want to explore a few places along your way you’ll be passing through the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as the U.S. states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. It may be a long journey to your new home, but it will be a very exciting one! Also remember, to cross the Canadian border, you will need your U.S. Passport or your driver’s license and birth certificate. If you’re moving with children, you’ll also need each child’s birth certificate, and if you’re moving with pets, you’ll need a signed and dated certificate from your veterinarian for each pet that states the animal has a current vaccination against rabies as well as a health certificate that is no more than 30 days old for each pet.

Houston’s Climate

Moving from Anchorage to Houston means that you will have to get used to very different weather. While Anchorage’s average yearly temperature is a cool 37 F, Houston’s is much warmer at 70 F. That’s quite a difference! Whereas Anchorage had very mild summers with high temperatures usually only reaching into the mid-60s, Houston’s summer high temperatures are usually in the mid-90s with temperatures often reaching 100 F! However, compared to Anchorages very cold and snowy winters, Houston has very mild winters with low temperatures usually in the low 40s and very little snow if any at all. Houston also gets about 49.8 inches of precipitation annually.

Transportation in Houston

Whether you choose to drive or take public transportation when moving from Anchorage to Houston, you’ll find that Houston offers several options. While Anchorage’s main public transportation is the bus system, People Mover, Houston provides much more including buses, light rail and lift vans under the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County. Although Houston has an extensive network of freeways and expressways for driving around the city, traffic congestion can be a problem in the city especially because over 70% of Houstonians prefer to drive. So, if you plan to drive in Houston, be prepared for heavy traffic especially during rush hours.

Houston’s Schools

If you’re moving from Anchorage to Houston with children who are in school, you’ll be glad to know that Houston has several options for education. Public education in Houston is provided by 17 different school districts which have a combined enrollment of over 700,000 students! That’s quite a lot compared to Anchorage School District’s enrollment of over 48,000. However, you don’t have to worry about your children having a hard time transitioning. Houston’s schools make sure that every child gets the attention they need, and your children will soon fit right in at one of Houston’s many schools! The biggest school district in the city is the Houston Independent School District which is comprised of 165 elementary schools, 37 middle schools, 31 high schools, 32 charter schools and seven alternative schools. Houston is also home to over 300 private schools as well as many great universities such as the University of Houston, Texas Southern University and Rice University.

Arts and Culture in Houston

If you love seeing the performing arts or visiting educational and fun museums, Houston will not disappoint! Similar to Anchorage, Houston has several venues where you can indulge your love of the arts. The Houston Theater District is a great place to start if you want to see the performing arts because it has nine major performing arts organizations and six performance halls. While there, you can see the Houston Grand Opera, the Houston Ballet, the Houston Symphony Orchestra or the Alley Theatre.

If museums are your favorite places to explore, you’ll be happy to know that Houston is home to many great ones! The Museum District is home to the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Holocaust Museum Houston and the Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum.

For some family fun, check out the Houston Zoo, the Downtown Aquarium or SplashTown Waterpark Houston. You’re sure to always have fun when you move to Houston!

Welcome to Houston, “Space City”! It will be great fun moving from Anchorage to Houston!

Moving from Anchorage to Houston the Easy Way

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