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Where to buy cheap moving boxes

April 20th, 2018 - 11:00 AM

The best place to buy moving boxes​

If you’ve ever compared value items to name brand, you’ve probably noticed that choosing the cheaper option sometimes means losing a little quality. This may not make a difference if you’re buying basics like white vinegar, but it could be really important for something like running shoes. You want shoes that will support and protect your feet the entire time you’re wearing them, and quality shoes are designed to do just that.

The same idea applies to moving boxes. They protect your belongings during transit and help ensure items arrive in good condition. But quality material doesn’t have to be expensive — the U-Pack Box Store offers professional moving supplies at reasonable prices. Learn more about why “cheap” or free boxes may not be the best option, and see what makes U-Pack supplies a better choice.


Free or cheap moving boxes — too good to be true?

Before moving, you might think to get free or cheap boxes by picking them up from the corner grocery store. While these boxes are technically cheap, they may not be protective enough, especially for long-distance moves. Consider these factors:

  • Stackability. Free moving boxes will usually be different sizes, which can make loading them difficult. The goal is to stack items “high and tight” to maximize space and decrease the risk of the load shifting. The easiest way to do this is to use similar containers that are easy to stack.
  • Cleanliness. New boxes are clean and ready to use. Used ones could be dirty (from whatever was originally inside), and could even have bugs (sometimes found with produce boxes). Using these could stain your items or cause other issues. 
  • Strength. Boxes gathered from the grocery store may have been used multiple times, and in many cases have been broken down to be thrown out. This can cause a loss in structural integrity. For moving, it’s important to have strong boxes that can withstand being stacked.
  • Design. The free boxes you might get from a grocery store are often designed for items that don’t require much protection like canned goods or boxed foods. Boxes created for moving are specifically built to protect household goods.

Where to buy moving boxes that are both affordable and protective

The U-Pack Box Store is a great place to look for low-cost moving boxes and supplies. You’ll find discounted rates on several essential items, and you always get them shipped for FREE, right to your door. Easy and cheap is a great combination! Our boxes are made of durable corrugated cardboard and are designed with household goods in mind.

Order the boxes and other supplies you need, and get them shipped to your door for free. Items arrive in just a few days so you can start packing quickly. You don’t have to be a U-Pack customer to take advantage of the great prices, but customers with a U-Pack reservation get a perk. After you reserve a move with U-Pack, we’ll email a special offer to use on a box store order!

Have questions about cheap boxes for moving?

Need help finding the right boxes and supplies? Want to talk about why you should avoid used boxes for moving? Leave a comment below. We’re here to help.

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